Gideon . . . and CLOTHES

I never knew that a wardrobe could make me exhausted. Clothes are just clothes - pieces of thread put together into some cute covering for the body. So you'd think they wouldn't have the capability to actually wear a person out.

But, sometimes, mine do!

This week, I solicit your prayers as I launch into a full week of taping for a brand new Bible study on Gideon. I'm so excited about this Biblical character and the incredible spiritual principles that his life and experience with God will teach us. I cannot even begin to tell you how engrossed in research and preparation I have been. I have done little else other than prepare my notes (and calm my nerves) for many weeks now. Every day this week, I'll stand in front of an audience and cameras to record the sessions for this resource that I hope will be a blessing. . .to you.

. . . and this is where the issue of clothing comes to the forefront of importance.

God looks at the heart. . . but ladies look at clothes! So, as superficial as it may sound, what I wear matters. The last thing that has been on my mind is what I'll wear. Don't get me wrong, it's important to me just not my top priority. In between Old Testament history and figuring out what's for dinner each night for my family, I haven't had time to put outfits together. So, a fashion forward friend of mine came over one morning earlier this month to scower my closet in an attempt to find clothes that will work for the taping. There are so many rules to abide by when it comes to clothing in front of a video camera which is why I need her help - no strips, no busy prints, no "see-through tops", no white....the list goes on and I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

So, with the regulations firmly in her mind, she dug into my wardrobe and was soon flinging blouses, belts, necklaces, pants and skirts all over my bathroom and bedroom, matching and rematching things up until she found 10-15 different outfits that would work well for video. With each new discovery she beckoned me out of my comfy pajamas and into an outfit to just to make sure it looked as good on me as it did in her mind.

Some worked. Some didn't.

So the process continued for hours until everything was done.

I needed a nap when she left. . .but at least we got a few good outfits put together for this week.

I think.

I hope.

Needing you to weigh before I take the platform tonight and every night this week. So, ignore my "morning hair" in these quickly snapped photos and let me know what you think :)