The Gift of Transparency

A note from Priscilla: The post you are about to read has profoundly impacted me. When I first read it, I was shocked not only because I didn't know this about my sweet friend Antrenette but because I was challenged to be more vulnerable and open because of what she wrote. 

If you've been a part of our blog family for any length of time then you are familiar with Antrenette. She has been a gift to our ministry and to my life and I am extremely proud of her for sharing herself with you and me in the way she has chosen to today. I trust her to share this in-depth portion of her life with you on this blog.

I know that you, and many others, will be blessed by her transparency.

Read. . . and be blessed. Priscilla



I recently had a conversation with a young unmarried lady who shared with me that she was pregnant and at a crossroad. She told me how scared she was and how she was experiencing a range of expected emotions...shame...numbness...fear...confusion...sadness. She talked about her plans and her goals and about how being pregnant would severely thwart those.

There were two things that awakened my heart as this young lady was speaking. The first was when I noticed the sadness in her eyes as she talked about how disappointed her parents would be if they were to find out and the other was when she told me that she had an appointment the very next morning at 8am to get an abortion.

She probably was not sure why tears formed in my eyes as I listened to her. She had no way of knowing that her comments stirred the most intimate and tender place in my own heart.

Her story was my own.

Just with a different name. A different face.

.....a different baby.

Ten years ago, I was sitting in her exact shoes. All the emotions that I experienced back then started overflowing the depths of my heart. I felt what she felt. I feared what she feared. And at that moment, while listening to her story and wrestling emotionally with my own past, I arrived at a crossroad. I had a decision to make......keep my little secret to myself or share it with her in the hope that it might help.

In a moment, I had a decision.

I knew what I needed to do.

So, I prayed; asked for strength and then pushed my fear and shame aside and shared my store with her.

I told her the hasty decision that I was never able to reverse.  A decision that I still have to live with today. By the end of the conversation we were both in tears. We exchanged contact information and I prayed with her and encouraged her. I walked away unsure of what her final decision would be but grateful that I had given her the whole story and hopeful that God's Spirit could use it in ways I could never imagine.

The next day, I received a text message from her that stated, “I cancelled my appointment!” A few days after that, she shared with me that she mustered up enough courage to tell her parents and that she was shocked by how supportive they were.

At that moment, miraculously, all the shame and guilt that I had tucked away within the crevices of my heart, were lifted! I had intended to help her but somehow... I ended up being helped - set free. ONLY GOD!!!!

Through this situation the Lord has taught me how important it is for us to become transparent with one another. We all have a story and chapters within them we are not so proud of.  The enemy wants us to hide and conceal the very portions that can greatly impact someone else’s life. I’m not saying that we need to spill our guts to every person we come in contact with. We definitely need to exercise wisdom and only share when we feel led by the Holy Spirit to do so.

But one thing is clear: your testimony is unique and powerful my friend and someone is waiting on you to give them the beautiful gift of transparency.

The young lady I encountered was waiting on me. . . who might be waiting on you?

He comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Corinthians 1:4

Praying for you,