Guard Your Heart

Hey there friend! So glad you’re visiting us on this “Freedom Friday”! If you’re brand new to our blog community – WELCOME! We are thrilled to have you in our virtual living room and hope you’ll stick around!

For the past 6 weeks we’ve been talking about a bunch of stuff that matters to single women, encouraging you on your journey and hopefully answering some of the questions that are on your mind.

Last week, Sean Lowe – the 3rd runner up in this season of The Bachelorette – got in the hot seat with me and gave me the inside scoop on his relationship with Emily, his commitment to Christianity and his desires for the future. If you missed the interview, don’t worry! Just CLICK HERE.

(This is Sean)

After our meeting, I drove away (with my 3-year-old son in tow) and almost stomped on the brake in the middle of mid-morning traffic when I realized that there was an extremely important question that I forgot to ask him during our meeting. So, I emailed him later and he graciously agreed to respond to my inquiry.

I thought it only fitting to end our “Freedom Friday” blog series with his thoughts and encouragements for single men and women on this extremely important topic.

Proverbs 4:23 says, "Above all else, guard your heart for from it flow the wellsprings of life". This is precisely what came to my mind when I was watching his final date with Emily on the show. Sean mentioned being intentional about moving slowly with women because they sometimes fall hard and fast for the men they are dating. He thought it honorable for men to be careful and gentle with women’s hearts and make intentional attempts to protect them during the dating process.

I applauded.

And so, I asked Sean if he would challenge us - his sisters and brothers in Christ about the very serious matter of guarding our hearts.


1. Sean, why is it important to guard a woman's heart?

I believe men have a responsibility to protect women not only physically but emotionally as well. Women have been created with such caring and giving hearts and it's so easy for men to take advantage of that wonderful quality. A true man will make his intentions known and will not allow a woman to give her heart over if it cannot be reciprocated by the man. This is something I learned the hard way. I've made the mistake of allowing a girl to give her heart to me when I wasn't ready to receive it and I would do anything to take that back if I could.

2. Practical ways a man can guard a woman's heart...

I think we should all date to marry. In other words, don't continue asking a woman out if you don't see marriage as a possibility. In my early twenties, I knew I wasn't ready for marriage but I would date girls who weren't aware of that fact. As each date passed, the girls would become more and more emotionally invested while I thought we were just having fun spending time together. I think it's a man’s responsibility to make his intentions known from the beginning. There's nothing wrong with just wanting to build a friendship and enjoy the woman's company.  But I think the man needs to tell her that he is only interested in a friendship. I would also recommend hanging out with the woman in a group setting as opposed to 1 on 1 just to make sure there is no confusion.

3. Why women need to be more protective and careful with their hearts...

As I mentioned earlier, women have been created with caring and giving hearts. This beautiful quality is so special and it needs to be treated as such. So often, women will give their hearts over to just about any man simply because they long for the companionship and bond that it has the potential to bring. I liken the heart to sex. Both are gifts from God and both can easily be abused. The "special gifts" God gives us tend to lose their luster if given to multiple people. Not only that but it can so often result in emotional damage as well when they are given to the wrong person. 


I thought it might be neat to end our “Freedom Friday” blog series by asking SINGLE MEN to comment today. How do you feel about Sean’s comments? What are some practical ways that women can guard their own hearts and that the men in their lives can help?

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Bless you today!