Hot Summer Days

Hello blog family! So glad that you are joining me today.

I'm writing you from my home - which gratefully is air conditioned because IT'S HOT IN TEXAS. I mean right this very moment I am staring at my boys who are outside with a friend playing basketball and my heart is melting for them. I mean, literally, it's melting - cause they look like they are, too. The sweat is pouring down their brows, their shirts are caked to their tiny chests and their tongues are panting faster than a dog's would if he was lost in the desert.
Yes. It's hot in Texas in the summer.

I just got back from Los Angeles last night. The whole clan and I were there to serve at Oasis Church right in the heart of the city but we took a couple extra days to lolly-gag around as a family. It was a delightful, airy, enjoyable 73 degrees during the hottest part of the day for the entire weekend. The sweet, pungent breeze that whipped in from the ocean was addictive and almost demanded that you put a sweater over your bare shoulders.
In other words. . it was perfection.

The flight landed home in Dallas from Cali and my first step onto the pavement felt more like I was entering a sauna cranked up to the max rather than an airport parking lot. I stripped down to a tank top before I got to the car.
O well. . this is where I live and I love it. . . .all 100 smoking hot degrees of it.

I've gotta think of cool ways to entertain my boys this summer. Our normal hangouts - the play areas at Chick-fil-a and the local mall - are demanding that I keep my enormous boys O-U-T. Their heads are too far above the height requirement sign stuck to the wall to fake it anymore. I sure have fudged it as long as I could but now the other mothers are starting to look at me and my big brood in disgust when we arrive since we obviously pose a horrendous threat to their tender 18-mo-olds. 
So I've gotta come up with other options.
I'm praying that there is an on-slot of great kids movies that will entertain us inside the cool darkened theaters this summer but in case there aren't enough to give us one show a day, every day for the next 3 months, I might need some other ideas. :)

I'm suspecting that you could use them too?
So, let's help each other out. What are some indoor activities that our kids would enjoy this intensely hot summer?

You are loved.