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Happy Thanksgiving!

The Going Beyond Team | Nov 21, 2016

A FEW IMPORTANT THINGS WE WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT ARE WE THANKFUL FOR?  You. The privilege we have to serve you! We so love the community that we have here with you. It’s a relationship we don’t take for granted. OUR OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED on Wednesday, November 23rd, so that we may spend this time with loved […]

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Reflections on the Election

Priscilla | Nov 15, 2016

  Recently, my father and pastor, Dr. Tony Evans, gave a short yet stirring address to our congregation. We were all sitting on the edge of our seats and hanging on to every word. With political, racial and cultural tensions at an all time high, he charged us to remember our position as ambassadors of a […]

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Colorado Skies!

Nicole | Nov 03, 2016

  We serve an amazing Creator. Simply amazing. The landscapes, the mountains, the sunsets, the sunrises. There’s absolutely nothing that can compare to His work on this side of heaven. A couple of girlfriends and I visited the beautiful state of Colorado over the weekend. Just a quick trip to knock a dream location off of my bucket list. I […]

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Pressing In Instead of Pushing Away

Priscilla | Nov 01, 2016

  This past week I had the opportunity to sit down and Chat with Christa Black Gifford . . . You may not know her face, but you sing her songs (Your Love Never Fails). She is an eclectic, self-title “hippie-mom” who has lived through difficulty that many others may never experience. As we dialogued, […]

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The Going Beyond Team | Oct 25, 2016

We are always blown away by the crowds of women that gather with us for a night of fellowship, worship and teaching. We’ve had three AWAKEN gatherings this year and last week’s gathering was such a great ending to our year. We had been planning and praying for that day and to see every detail come to […]

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Office Fair Day 2016!

Nicole | Oct 18, 2016

We definitely look forward to this day – an office visit to the State Fair of Texas. It’s a trip that the entire Going Beyond staff takes every year. Every year. We look forward to it and create our schedules around it! When the day arrives, we close the office, pile up in to a car, and […]

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Priscilla | Oct 11, 2016

  I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a culture so unique and robust and full and anomalous all at the same time. It is brimming with movement everywhere you look. The roads, for example, have clearly marked lanes that no one actually uses. Instead, cars, motorbikes, pedestrians and herds of cows make their […]

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Oh, If You Only Knew!

Nicole | Oct 06, 2016

  So, I have a few tendencies that make me, well, me! You know those special quirks you have that make you unique? For instance, I have to smell my food before I eat it. It’s just part of the experience for me. I like to engage . . . all of my senses!! 🙂 Yeah, […]

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I Love This Prayer . . .

Nicole | Oct 04, 2016

Hey there! I won’t be long today at all. Promise. I just wanted to share a quick prayer with you that I recently read while going through one of Priscilla’s Bible studies. If you’ve done the Discerning the Voice of God Bible study, you’ll be nodding your head in a minute. Lord, heighten my spiritual senses […]

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I Will Give You the Words

Nicole | Sep 29, 2016

There are a few things that aren’t high on my “favorites” list. Pumping gas is one of them. Boy, is it ever.  And close to that is public speaking. No, thanks. Well, I’ve yet to find a nifty invention or my way around it so, I still pump my gas every week. As for public speaking? Well, I’m going to be […]

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