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To Encourage Another

Priscilla | May 09, 2017

  So glad you’re joining me on the blog today! Always am. Would love to chat with you. Click play on the video below. Unable to view video? Click here. So, what do you think? What encouragement would it bring someone to get a letter in the mail with their name on it?! It could […]

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A New Book for Your Tween Girl!

The Going Beyond Team | Apr 28, 2017

  We love sharing new, exciting, family-friendly things with you! Especially if it is something  that will entertain and encourage the young ones in your life. This one is special because it is a book written for tween girls, by a tween girl! Do you remember Danielle from the movie War Room? We now want to introduce you to her as […]

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What’s the Big Hurry?

Nicole | Apr 18, 2017

  I walk fast. Always have. A bystander would see me scurry by and conclude I was in a rush to some place very important. I even talk fast at times. The words swirl through my head at lightning speed so by the time they pass my lips, they tend to come out in one big heaping pile. […]

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Priscilla Shirer Live Recap!

The Going Beyond Team | Apr 13, 2017

  Our hearts are still stirring from what took place last Saturday! It was amazing to gather and worship with those of you that joined us in Tulsa and around the globe! All of the churches that hosted the simulcast and those of you that met in your living room with girlfriends. What a privilege it is to […]

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Priscilla | Mar 28, 2017

  You ever have too much of a good thing? Even good things, without boundaries, will make us sick. Click play and join the conversation. Click here if unable to view video. When we don’t have boundaries in our life, we aren’t the only ones who pay the price. Those around us do too. Where […]

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Grandma’s Legacy

Priscilla | Mar 21, 2017

  No matter where you are on that spectrum of legacy, just make your choice today to draw a line in the sand and say, “. . . as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.“ Chatting about legacy today. Click play to join in. Unable to view video? Click here.

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The Captive Mind

Priscilla | Mar 07, 2017

Jada Edwards is hands down one of my favorite speakers and Bible teachers on the planet. As a pastor’s wife and women’s ministry leader, her passion is to help God’s daughters walk in their full potential. She mines God’s Word deeply and then shares its truths and treasures in a unique way that makes anyone […]

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Let’s Get Together This April!

Priscilla | Feb 26, 2017

  Hey sis! I have a special invitation I want to tell you about! Unable to view video? Click here: PSL Simulcast You can watch from anywhere in the world or attend the live event in Tulsa, OK on April 8th!! Registration is going on now. Click here for further details and to register. JOIN OUR […]

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Building Our Faith – Part 2

Nicole | Feb 21, 2017

  I know there are times when we need to be reminded of God’s love. We wonder if He sees us among the sea of others. I know I need to be reminded of it regularly. Especially during times when I feel He is silent. Last week on our blog, over 70 of you shared […]

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Building Our Faith

Priscilla | Feb 14, 2017

Well hey there! Chatting with you about faith in the midst of the impossible today. Excited to get right to it! Click play on the video below. Unable to view video? Click here: Building Our Faith Join the conversation! Encourage someone today by sharing your faith story with us in the comments below. Let your words be […]

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