Women Making Resolutions

My weekend was phenomenal! I had a wonderful time with about 80,000 women across the world who joined me for the Going Beyond simulcast. Together, we worshiped passionately and drank deeply from the rich fountain of God's Word. We prayed together so fervently, during an early morning prayer time, that the expectation of God's response is thrilling. The holy refreshment during the Going Beyond event was tangible. 

In a phrase: God was there!

Our weekend centered on four of the thirteen resolutions found in "The Resolution For Women". I challenged those in attendance to make firm decisions that would help to shape the women they would become in the future.

A Resolution To Be Content

A Resolution To Be Faithfully His

A resolution To Care

A Resolution To Live With Grace


Each of these struck a cord with those gathered. God graciously ministered through His Word to us in each of these areas and also gave us the privilege to put one of them into practice immediately as we got a chance to partner with The A21 Campaign and "resolve to care" about women who we may never see face to face on this side of eternity. Our goal is to build a shelter in Bulgaria to house women rescued from horrid enslavement.

I can joyfully announce that the response was abundant and I have no doubt that we are going to make it happen! As you know, the money you gathered is still being sent into A21 and calculated so it may be a week or so before we can begin to give you updates. But please continue to check back with us frequently for reports on how much money we've been able to raise TOGETHER! 

If you joined us for the event. . . THANK YOU! I'd love to hear from you today. Please tell me which resolution was most meaningful in your life and why? Please share any and everything that God did in your heart during our time together.

Looking so forward to hearing from you.