SEED Pack 1

SEED Pack 1


Plant a little seed. Grow a big faith.

There was a sower who planted a seed.

Jesus said that the seed was . . . 

His Word. Living. Active. Powerful. 

SEED Pack 1 is a unique Bible study experience for groups and individuals who long to dive deeply into the Scriptures. Join Priscilla as she relays three distinct spiritual principles wrapped in a captivating visual package. The member book provides Scripture for your study each week and shows how God's voice can be heard through his Word in an intimate, practical, and tangible way. You'll walk away from this study with a revitalized relationship with the Lord and renewed interest for hearing His Word. 

This pack includes

  • SEED Pack 1 Member Book
  • DVD 01: Forgotten
  • DVD 02: Enough
  • DVD 03: Control

*each DVD runs approximately 7-15 minutes long*

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Price: $40.00