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Time Well Spent

Priscilla | Jan 24, 2010

  It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around today’s date. When I turned on my computer, opened my calendar and saw the number “25” at the top of today’s square, I was a bit overwhelmed. Can’t you believe that it is already the 25th of January? February is only a few days away. […]

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Frugal Friday Winner

Priscilla and Rachel Anne | Jan 23, 2010

  Wow! Did you read all the great suggestions and tips for frugal vacations?  I’m really excited about “thinking outside the box” when it comes to planning something fun for my family this year.  Thank you everyone, for sharing your ideas . . . and keep them coming, just for the fun of it! Our […]

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Frugal Friday – Vacations

Jan 21, 2010

  It’s only January but I have a strange feeling that someone, somewhere has already wondered when and where they can take a vacation. With the holidays long gone and the daily matters of life pressing in, the thought of kicking back, relaxing and taking it easy sounds like a great idea. But then again […]

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Fitness Advice?

Rachel Anne | Jan 20, 2010

  Back when Priscilla and I used to walk together, I wondered why our 3 mile circuit around the neighborhood was making her get really fit and skinny and it didn’t do nuthin for me. “Must be my genes,” Priscilla offered gently. I felt a little better. Until I found out she was CHEATING on […]

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Goodest Mom

Rachel Anne | Jan 19, 2010

  Beth and Priscilla’s conversation about motherhood yesterday was wonderful. Beth’s words were so encouraging and real, and I bet every mama out there breathed a little breath of thankfulness for what she shared. Yes, “parenting by faith” strikes a chord when you feel like a failure in this motherhood business. I still need that […]

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Miss Beth on Motherhood

Jan 18, 2010

  I’m grateful to the Lord for surrounding me with sweet friendships. It’s wonderful to be able to walk through seasons of life with other women who are treading down the same path. And yet, I’ve been doubly blessed by relationships with women who are a bit further down the road and are more seasoned […]

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Haiti in My Heart

Priscilla | Jan 17, 2010

  I’ll never forget the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school. I boarded a plane with 14 other people from my church and headed to Haiti.  We partnered with Hosean International Ministries to bring hope to Haiti. Each day was an adventure.  During the day, we made bricks from mortar and clay for […]

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Frugal Friendship Winner

Jan 16, 2010

pThank you once again for sharing thoughts on how to be creative and frugal with our friendships. This weeks random drawing winner is…… strongMonica Smith/strong! /p pHere’s what Monica had to say:/p div class=”content” p style=”text-align: left;”emI am not sure if this is a frugal tip, but I have a friend who is going through […]

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Frugal Friendship

Jan 14, 2010

pimg src=”http://gbdev2.mediaglo.com/sites/default/files/blog/Picture%2053.png” width=”189″ height=”220″ style=”float: left; margin: 5px;” class=”mceItem”/p pIt’s that time again, and I’m anxious to give away not one, not two. . . but four copies of  a href=”http://www.daveramsey.com” target=”_blank”Dave Ramsey’s/a The Total Money Makeover. There’ll be one for you and one for three of your closest friends!/p p span style=”letter-spacing: 0.0px;”strong It’s […]

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Addition and Subtraction

Rachel Anne | Jan 13, 2010

On Wednesday afternoon, Priscilla stopped over with her boys to hang out and give them a change of scenery for doing homework.  I provided the kitchen table and juice drinks, they provided the brain cells and energy to get it done. J.C. is working on his vocabulary, while Jackson is done with his math and […]

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