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Film Shoot – Behind the Scenes

Rachel Anne | Feb 03, 2010

This week, Priscilla is taping some short films for the upcoming Going Beyond events.  The amazing team from Lifeway is here from Nashville, and they had her out in the dreary cold and rain for the filming. Thank you, Dallas weather, for being uncooperative. Undaunted, they had a great day and were able to get […]

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Going Beyond

Priscilla | Feb 02, 2010

Today I’ve been looking at my calendar and am startled by the fact that our first Going Beyond event of the year is just around the corner. In roughly two weeks, I and about 2,000 registrants will converge on Mckinney Bible Church in Ft. Worth for what I believe will be a wonderful time. The […]

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The Secret of Stones

Rachel Anne | Feb 01, 2010

Have you read Priscilla’s devotional for the month of February yet?  It is called the “Secret of Stones,” and it’s in the Jewelry Box. First of all, I didn’t know stones had secrets.  I’ve stubbed my toe on many of them, but never considered that there was any spiritual truth in them . . . […]

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Cinnamon Rolls and Other Smells

Priscilla | Jan 31, 2010

I spent some time with a wonderful woman last month. Her home was impeccable, her recipes delicious and her family admirable. Her four children – three girls and a boy – are all grown now. Her youngest, a teenage son, is the only one still at home and she is dedicated to making sure that […]

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Frugal Friday Winners

Priscilla and Rachel Anne |

What awesome stories ya’ll shared!  They really highlight the power of commitment and the faithfulness of God to go above and beyond to meet our needs – even in the face of impossible odds. For example, I loved Melinda M.’s diary excerpt from her journal in 2007.  Reading exactly what she was going through three […]

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Frugal Friday – Tell Your Story!

Priscilla and Rachel Anne | Jan 28, 2010

Frugal Friday has been a really fun series here at Going Beyond. We’ve gotten scores of great tips and been inspired to “live like no one else – so we can live like no one else,” as Dave Ramsey so eloquently says. Your participation each week has turned this into a real conversation about money, saving and […]

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Thanks for Leaving Me Some

Rachel Anne | Jan 27, 2010

My husband, Tom, and I were out running errands the other day.  One of our stops was at the grocery store, which is always an adventure with him.  He usually goes for the exotic jams, interesting bread, and savory snacks that I never come home with when I’m on my own. I glanced down and […]

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Feeling Limited?

Priscilla | Jan 25, 2010

  I read a blog post today by author Sally Clarkson. It encouraged me. She discussed the need for us to accept our God given limitations and flourish within them. The well-known story of David and Goliath was a great illustration. King Saul offered David his amour to go out to battle against the giant […]

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Time Well Spent

Priscilla | Jan 24, 2010

  It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around today’s date. When I turned on my computer, opened my calendar and saw the number “25” at the top of today’s square, I was a bit overwhelmed. Can’t you believe that it is already the 25th of January? February is only a few days away. […]

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Frugal Friday Winner

Priscilla and Rachel Anne | Jan 23, 2010

  Wow! Did you read all the great suggestions and tips for frugal vacations?  I’m really excited about “thinking outside the box” when it comes to planning something fun for my family this year.  Thank you everyone, for sharing your ideas . . . and keep them coming, just for the fun of it! Our […]

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