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Miss Beth on Motherhood

Jan 18, 2010

  I’m grateful to the Lord for surrounding me with sweet friendships. It’s wonderful to be able to walk through seasons of life with other women who are treading down the same path. And yet, I’ve been doubly blessed by relationships with women who are a bit further down the road and are more seasoned […]

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Haiti in My Heart

Priscilla | Jan 17, 2010

  I’ll never forget the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school. I boarded a plane with 14 other people from my church and headed to Haiti.  We partnered with Hosean International Ministries to bring hope to Haiti. Each day was an adventure.  During the day, we made bricks from mortar and clay for […]

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Frugal Friendship Winner

Jan 16, 2010

pThank you once again for sharing thoughts on how to be creative and frugal with our friendships. This weeks random drawing winner is…… strongMonica Smith/strong! /p pHere’s what Monica had to say:/p div class=”content” p style=”text-align: left;”emI am not sure if this is a frugal tip, but I have a friend who is going through […]

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Frugal Friendship

Jan 14, 2010

pimg src=”http://gbdev2.mediaglo.com/sites/default/files/blog/Picture%2053.png” width=”189″ height=”220″ style=”float: left; margin: 5px;” class=”mceItem”/p pIt’s that time again, and I’m anxious to give away not one, not two. . . but four copies of  a href=”http://www.daveramsey.com” target=”_blank”Dave Ramsey’s/a The Total Money Makeover. There’ll be one for you and one for three of your closest friends!/p p span style=”letter-spacing: 0.0px;”strong It’s […]

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Addition and Subtraction

Rachel Anne | Jan 13, 2010

On Wednesday afternoon, Priscilla stopped over with her boys to hang out and give them a change of scenery for doing homework.  I provided the kitchen table and juice drinks, they provided the brain cells and energy to get it done. J.C. is working on his vocabulary, while Jackson is done with his math and […]

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Turkey Tweets…and Other Necessary Things

Priscilla | Jan 12, 2010

  Yesterday, I tweeted about an “incident” here in the Shirer Household. I made an incredible Turkey Meatloaf from a recipe given to me by one of my best friends who is an awesome cook. I was feeling quite accomplished as a wife and mother to have dinner ready well before supper time (a rare occurrence). […]

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Letting Go

Priscilla | Jan 11, 2010

  Jude, my 1 year old, has an affinity for acorns. I don’t know what it is about those little brown nuts that pique his interest, but whenever we go outside he immediately begins to scan the horizon for them. He’s becomes a little hoarder and tries to collect as many as he can in […]

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Funny Stories, Spiritual Significance

Jan 10, 2010

  I’ve been a pastor’s kid since I was one year old. My parents started the church, which I still attend, when I was just a tiny thing. And the vast majority of sermons that I’ve heard my father preach over the past 35 years have included some sort of illustration that had something to […]

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Frugal Friday Winner

Priscilla and Rachel Anne | Jan 08, 2010

Thank you for all your fantastic comments on “relating with money” on Friday! We read each one and appreciated the hard-won wisdom in them. Those of us who are still learning (ahem, me) are really encouraged by the experience and journeys that you are willing to share. That means a lot. The random drawing winner […]

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Frugal Friday – Can You Relate?

Rachel Anne | Jan 07, 2010

Hooray for Frugal Friday! I’m wishing I was eligible for this week’s prize because I think I need this. This DVD teaching by Dave Ramsey and Dave’s best-selling book, Relating with Money. Here’s some info on “Relating with Money”: Most people never realize the impact that the issue of money has on their personal and […]

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