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New Year’s Resolutions? Nah.

Rachel Anne | Dec 29, 2009

A few years ago I asked my son Grayson, age 12 at the time, if he had any New Year’s resolutions. He thought a moment and then said, “Yeah.  Eat a high fiber diet!” Wait a sec.  Unless Pop Tarts are now considered a health food, I don’t think he had any idea what he […]

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Frugal Friday (Monday) Winner

Priscilla | Dec 28, 2009

It’s been a great holiday season for my family and I. The boys have had a never-ending Christmas. It began at our house on Christmas morning. They woke up at 6am to see our little 3-ft tree lined with a few gifts for each of them. I marveled at how quickly each gift was unwrapped […]

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“Frugal Friday” – MONDAY?

Priscilla | Dec 27, 2009

Yes, it is Frugal Friday. It’s Monday. Who cares?? GB Ministries has declared it Frugal Friday. Did you have a great Christmas? I sure did! It was a whirlwind of gifts, food, sweets and fellowship that has left us gasping for air. All the festivities of the 25th kept me too overwhelmed to keep up […]

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He’s Not Exactly a Christmas Donkey

Rachel Anne | Dec 22, 2009

Some of you might be familiar with Flash, my stray donkey who showed up….and never left.  He’s the lovesick dude that Priscilla and I tried to pull home in the story featured in the “Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed” Bible study. Yeah, that donkey. See, we’d only meant to keep Flash overnight, or at least until we […]

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Silent Night?

Priscilla | Dec 21, 2009

Hello sisters, Thanks for stopping by today. Honestly, I could use a little “girlfriend” time. As Christmas Day quickly approaches and our days are filled with holiday cheer, I can’t help but feel a tad exhausted! Two of my boys are school age, and their last day of classes was this past Friday. For some […]

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Serving Together

Rachel Anne | Dec 20, 2009

On Saturday, Jerry and Priscilla invited our Going Beyond team to help serve a barbeque meal to the homeless in Dallas.  They’ve gotten to know John and Suzanne Wallace, who run Compassion House in the downtown area, and are inspired by their ministry to the poor and the young in this city.  Every third Saturday, […]

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“Dumping Debt” Winner

Priscilla and Rachel | Dec 19, 2009

Thank you so much for all your debt busting stories yesterday!  Reading them helped strengthen my own resolve to keep working at living within my means, and having a plan for getting (and staying) out of debt.  Seeing the commitment of others in this area is so encouraging.  Yes, I really CAN say “no” to […]

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Frugal Friday – Dumping Debt

Rachel Anne | Dec 17, 2009

Ya’ll, we had a GREAT bunch of frugal tips last Friday…if you missed it, be sure to check out the comments!  One thing that seemed to be a theme was “getting out of debt.” Many of us at one time or another swallowed the line that “debt is a way of life” as we pursued […]

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A Good Cook – Recipe Exchange

Priscilla | Dec 15, 2009

One day I hope to be a good cook. I’m talking about the kind of woman you know and admire from afar. Crisp white apron, flour scattered on her chin, smile on her face, utensils in order, the most incredible smells coming from her kitchen and not a cook book in sight. When you ask […]

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The Bugs are Gone

  We moved about a year ago. Our home is tucked in a wooded and more rural area of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area now. We’ve enjoyed the quiet neighborhood and the wide open spaces. But with the onslaught of rain that fell relentlessly this Autumn, and the dense tree and brush coverage that populates our […]

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