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Momentum: You’re Invited!

Priscilla | Nov 11, 2009

Hey sisters, Jerry and I are so blessed to be connected with LifeWay. Most folks just know this ministry as a local bookstore in their area. What many don’t know is that this is a HUGE company in Nashville. When I say HUGE, I mean it. The campus takes up one whole city block in […]

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Here’s to the Moms…

Nov 10, 2009

  Hey sister. I’ve stopped trying to be the perfect mother. I’m exhausted. You too? When Jerry and I started having our children 7 years ago, I had an image of what the role of motherhood would look like. It included nothing less than a peaceful home, filled with the wonderful scents of fresh baking […]

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Meet Carla!

Nov 09, 2009

I want you to meet Carla Robertson, our researcher on the Going Beyond team.  We met her years ago when I posted a sign at Dallas Theological Seminary looking for a student who needed to make a few extra dollars. As a young mom, I was looking for someone to just come alongside me in […]

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Jonah Study: That’s a Wrap!

Nov 06, 2009

I snapped a few photos from this week’s taping.  The sessions went amazingly smoothly, and were divinely devoid of technical glitches.  There was so much prayer that went into this project, I’m really not surprised.  Lifeway’s crew, led by the awesome Debbie Beavers, all stopped down to pray before each night’s taping. How cool is […]

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Hi, I’m Rachel Anne

Nov 05, 2009

  Priscilla introduced me on Tuesday, and I want to formally shake hands with you through our computer screens today! I am so excited to be part of the Going Beyond team…it is really great to get a chance to serve in a way that is just plain FUN!  I’ll be hanging out with Priscilla […]

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Behind the Scenes of “Jonah”

Nov 04, 2009

  Hey there! Priscilla’s friend, Rachel, here.  I’ll formally introduce myself tomorrow, but I’ve GOT to share what’s been happening around here because I’m so excited about it. This week, Priscilla’s latest Bible Study, “Jonah: Navigating the Interrupted Life” is being taped in the Dallas area.  Last night, sessions three and four were completed and….OH. […]

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Oct 13, 2009

O my goodness.  .  . I can’t believe you are here. Ok, really, I can’t believe I AM HERE. I have a blog! (laughing hysterically in shock). I know what you are thinking, “It’s about time, Priscilla.” Well, I can’t blame you. You are right. I admit, we are little bit behind technologically, but I’m […]

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