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Hi, I’m Rachel Anne

Nov 05, 2009


Priscilla introduced me on Tuesday, and I want to formally shake hands with you through our computer screens today!

Rachel Anne Ridge

I am so excited to be part of the Going Beyond team…it is really great to get a chance to serve in a way that is just plain FUN!  I’ll be hanging out with Priscilla here as her “blog queen” (she said it, not me…but I humbly accept any positions that come with tiaras) and will keep you updated on Going Beyond happenings, behind the scenes peeks, neighborhood news and other Important Topics….such as where she found that cool jacket or what brand of lipstick she likes.  Knowing Priscilla, you’ll most likely find some spiritual nuggets tucked in here, too.

Priscilla and I became friends in one of those “God surprises” that still makes us laugh.  She had hired me to paint her baby’s nursery, and we spent more time talking than actually painting!  That was almost 8 years ago, and we are still yakking!  As moms, our friendship has seen us through babies born and babies lost, first steps and first graduations, kindergarten days and college experiences.  As women, we’ve shared hopes and dreams, prayers and frustrations, fashion tips and age-defying secrets.  We’ve logged many miles as walking buddies and sat through countless chick movies we couldn’t drag our husbands to.  And as sisters in Christ, we’ve encouraged each other through our challenges, rejoiced over victories, and grown deeper in our faith together.

I hope you’ll join Priscilla and me in that kind of friendship here on her blog.  She will be posting as often as her schedule permits, and the Going Beyond team and I will fill in the rest. You will not want to miss a single post, so I encourage you to click on the little “RSS” symbol on this page so you can subscribe!

Rachel Anne