Priscilla Shirer

Going Beyond Ministries is focused on the expository teaching of the Word of God. We are committed to teaching the uncompromising truths of His Word. Our desire is not only for all to understand His written Word but for all to experience His Power!


Oct 02, 2018

  Pajamas. That’s what I was wearing when I dropped off some things at my sons’ school. I stayed in the car to spare them the shame of having their mother crowd their sacred space in her unmentionables. The PTSD I still carry from my own father pulling that shenanigan several times nearly thirty years […]

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Oct 01, 2018

  When I’m behind the wheel of my car I’m usually engaged, sharply attuned to where I’m headed, aware of my surroundings and dialed in to the instruments in my hands. But other times, my mind wanders. I’m thinking about happenings from earlier in the day, looking forward to tomorrow’s events or simply enjoying the […]

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Sep 11, 2018

  Have you ever taken a standby flight? If you have or know someone that has, you know it is a gamble. Waiting at the airline to see if you will possibly secure a seat on the plane; the probability fluctuating every minute is nothing short of very, very stressful. I know this all too well. […]

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A Student . . . Again

Aug 21, 2018

  I’m a learner. I’ve got an innate desire to figure things out, dig for insight and ask questions. My curiosity can be annoying sometimes I’m sure. Often I catch my husband staring at me blankly as I toss question after question in his direction. Poor thing. Whether in Bible study or just regular life […]

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With Age, Comes Wisdom

Aug 07, 2018

  There was a phrase my parents would say when I was younger that aggravated me to no end. “You’ll understand when you get older.” And boy, were they right. I am older now, and I finally understand. I understand that I was wrong to think I understood. My young mind could not comprehend all […]

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The Winter War Countdown – That’s a Wrap!

Jul 24, 2018

  I hope you’ve enjoyed our weekly countdown to the release of The Winter War. I sure have! Throughout the weeks, you have offered such great advice on how you personally handle many of the obstacles our young ones face. Thank you for sharing each and every week. If you’ve missed any of the previous […]

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