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Pray With Us

Jan 12, 2023

Hi Friends!

We’ve been hard at work over here in the ministry office – spending the first days of the year preparing for upcoming speaking events and shipping resources that we hope will be a blessing to you! It is our goal to meticulously wrap every single book and Bible study we send as well as reply to every email and letter we receive with so much love.

You, friends, are special to us!

Every Thursday, Katie, Priscilla, and I have the privilege of praying together, and we treasure this time. We pause our busy schedules to connect and recap the past seven days, sharing praise reports and prayer requests. Our team is united in praying for every one of you, and we’d like to extend the invitation for you to join us in collective prayer.

As Priscilla says, “Prayer is the key that unlocks the resources of heaven so that they can be unleashed here and now.” 



We have access to the blessings of heaven today, and by joining together in prayer, we amplify its power. Opening our hearts to the needs of others unifies us and increases our faith in His promises.

So, we invite you to pray with us – and also to share your prayer requests in the comments below so we may pray for you more specifically – as we gather in His Name.

May this year bring you endless praise reports and above all, a renewed sense of His peace and presence! We expect His grace to pour down on you, overflowing you with answers to your every need.