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A Thanksgiving Message (and Updates)!

Nov 23, 2021

A FEW IMPORTANT THINGS WE WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT ARE WE THANKFUL FOR?  You. The privilege we have to serve you! We cherish the community that we have here with you. It’s a relationship we don’t take for granted. Him. Above all earthly blessings and above all joy, we give God thanks! OUR OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED on Thursday, […]

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Nov 18, 2021

There is a word that brings our ministry so much joy: AWAKEN! Our team loves every aspect of planning and executing AWAKEN gatherings, and we pray that each event is just as much of a blessing for our sisters as it is for us! The evening is well-thought-out from start to finish with one goal in mind – to join […]

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Q & A with Charity Lewis

Sep 22, 2021

Charity Lewis is joining us on our Spotlight Blog Series today! She is a multi-faceted wife, mom of two, advocate for autism awareness, labor and delivery nurse, fashion stylist, and clothing designer.  Yes! She is all those things! Her varied interests and passions are what make her such a fascinating person! I’ve had the joy of watching […]

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Q & A with Marshawn Evans Daniels

Aug 11, 2021

Do you ever wonder if you’re limiting yourself? Do you feel as if you are getting in the way of what God is doing? Marshawn Evans Daniels is the kind of woman who can help you explore how to boldly go where God is leading you. First off, let me tell you that I met […]

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Q & A with Dani and Dannah Lane

Jul 14, 2021

Sweet, sassy, and full of hilarity. That’s how I would describe Dani and Dannah Lane. These sisters were only five and six years old when they became viral sensations thanks to their YouTube video, “Call Jesus” back in 2017. Their mother, Dannella, has been instrumental in teaching them about Christ and guiding their blooming careers […]

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Q & A with Ryan and Nikki Edgar

Jun 16, 2021

I’ve admired Ryan and Nikki Edgar for many years – even before they were on America’s Got Talent (*wink)! Their love for each other, their children, the Lord and music is refreshing. Listening to them sing is like a dessert buffet for the ears – rich, sweet and enticing. Ryan and Nikki love investing in […]

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Sweet Reminders

Shannon | Jun 09, 2021

The sweet aroma of honeysuckle filled the air as I drove across the bridge leading to our ministry offices. It was a few days before Mother’s Day when the sudden sensation captured my attention, directing my thoughts away from the issues and concerns that I’d been overanalyzing that morning, replacing them with a keen sense […]

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Q & A with Ashlee Eiland

May 19, 2021

Well, hello! Come on over and let me introduce you to Ashlee Eiland! She’s a writer and Bible teacher, serving at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. She and her husband, Delwin, have three kids, Brooklyn, Myles, and Journey. I’ve only recently had an opportunity to become acquainted with her in person. Before […]

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Q & A with Meshali Mitchell

Apr 21, 2021

Portrait artist, lover of people, and storyteller Meshali Mitchell is joining us on our Spotlight Q & A today! She is immensely talented, and the quality of her work is very personal for me! For many years when my children were younger, she was the one who would patiently pose us for yearly family pictures. […]

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Q & A with Amie Dockery

Mar 24, 2021

I’ve been an admirer of Amie Hayes Dockery for many years and for many reasons. To me, she has always been the picture of humility in action. She carries an air of dignity and grace that is always punctuated with a fiery determination to push through difficulty, fight against wrong and stand firmly for truth. I love […]

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