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With Age, Comes Wisdom

Shannon | Aug 07, 2018

  There was a phrase my parents would say when I was younger that aggravated me to no end. “You’ll understand when you get older.” And boy, were they right. I am older now, and I finally understand. I understand that I was wrong to think I understood. My young mind could not comprehend all […]

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The Winter War Countdown – That’s a Wrap!

Priscilla | Jul 24, 2018

  I hope you’ve enjoyed our weekly countdown to the release of The Winter War. I sure have! Throughout the weeks, you have offered such great advice on how you personally handle many of the obstacles our young ones face. Thank you for sharing each and every week. If you’ve missed any of the previous […]

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The Winter War Countdown – Our Final Week!

Priscilla | Jul 17, 2018

  The release of Winter War is just days away and our final week of the countdown is here!! Press play to join in the conversation! Click here if unable to view video. CONGRATULATIONS TO WEEK FOUR’S WINNERS: Arminda Stalnaker and Trish Flynn Arminda and Trish, please email us at giveaways@goingbeyond.com with your name and address! *  *  * […]

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The Winter War Countdown – Week Four

Priscilla | Jul 10, 2018

  Welcome to week four of our Winter War countdown!  I’m praying these discussions have been super helpful and informative for you! Hit that play button and let’s get started on our topic for this week . . . Click here if unable to view video. CONGRATULATIONS TO WEEK THREE’S WINNERS: Chelsea Johnson and JoKasta English Chelsea and JoKasta, please […]

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The Winter War Countdown – Week Three

Priscilla | Jul 03, 2018

  We are three weeks in to our Winter War countdown! Check out week one and two if you’d like to catch up. Each week we’ve been discussing a different topic from the book with your children in mind. Spiritual warfare, God’s victory over death, and this week, how to nurture the gifts God has given […]

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The Winter War Countdown – Week Two

Priscilla | Jun 26, 2018

  Welcome to week two of our Winter War countdown. Last week we talked about spiritual warfare and asked that you share how you teach your kiddos about the topic. We received sooo many great comments and we are sharing a handful of them below. But first . . . today’s topic. Press play and let’s start […]

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The Winter War Countdown – Week One

Priscilla | Jun 19, 2018

  We have some very exciting news for you and your young readers! You’ve asked for it and it’s happening! We are counting down to the release of The Winter War, the sequel to the Prince Warriors trilogy!! Press play and join the conversation! Click here if unable to view video. ~ WIN A SIGNED […]

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These Stone Walls

Shannon | Jun 12, 2018

  I recently had the privilege to visit Ireland in celebration of my mother’s 60th birthday. It was a deep-rooted dream of hers, one she shared with my sisters and I in our childhood. She read books set in the Irish countryside and she yearned to see it firsthand. She hoped to rest her feet […]

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It’s Dinner Time!

Priscilla | May 30, 2018

  Every single day at dinner time I’m in a state of shock. Around 5pm, the realization that my family will be hungry once again and need a meal to eat, stuns me to attention. What are we going to eat? The question ricochets off of the hollows of my mind, followed by the sound of that […]

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Shannon | May 15, 2018

  Years ago, the Lord called me to a task I felt inadequate to complete. He commanded that I lay my own plans aside to follow Him and walk in ministry. Several times I questioned how He thought enough of me to make disciples of men. I am a flawed woman. I am fearful. But, […]

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