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Q & A with Lenize Fuentes

Sep 30, 2020

I’ve recently come across a woman on Instagram that seems so authentic and relatable that you can’t help but be captivated by her experiences. Her name is Lenize Fuentes! She is a stay-at-home mom and content creator that invites us into her day-to-day life, reminding us that there is beauty in imperfection and encouraging us […]

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Q & A with Shaun Robinson

Sep 16, 2020

I’ve met in person Shaun Robinson only once but, somehow, I feel like I’ve known her for a very long time. Up close, she was as lovely as I imagined her to be when I watched her on numerous news and entertainment television shows over the years. Her warmth and kind heart shined through a […]

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Shannon | Sep 03, 2020

I kept a close eye on the front porch during the Spring season. The wildlife was having a field day. Insects were haphazardly flying into the windows, producing a droning sound to accompany the clatter. Squirrels were scurrying across the front yard and up the rain gutters, playing what appeared to be a game of […]

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Q & A with Emmanuel Acho

Aug 26, 2020

Hi! It’s time for another Q & A from our Spotlight Blog Series, and this one looks a little different. I decided to take an opportunity to revisit one of our guests from the first few weeks of the series just in case you missed it. Why? Because so much has happened in Emmanuel Acho’s life since […]

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Q & A with Hosanna Wong

Aug 12, 2020

Wordsmith for Jesus. That’s how I would describe Hosanna Wong. I met her over dinner with mutual friends several years ago and was immediately endeared to her. Her passion for Jesus, heart for her husband, intentionality in ministry, and desire to be a bridge between cultures and generation gripped me. Also, her fashion sense is […]

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Q & A with Mahisha Dellinger

Jul 29, 2020

Glad you stopped by today because I can’t wait to introduce you to Mahisha Dellinger. I first met Mahisha after she’d sent me a warm invitation to join her at a holiday luncheon at Christmas. I’d soon come to learn that she and several friends routinely hosted this brunch to foster friendship and to celebrate […]

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Light and Darkness: Part 3 — God’s Power

Shannon | Jul 23, 2020

This is Part 3 of a blog series on the significance and symbolism of light and darkness as seen throughout Scripture. I hope you are enjoying it! Now, consider this . . . His light is reflected in His written Word, acting as a lamp to guide our feet, and a light for our path […]

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Q & A with Sean Lowe

Jul 15, 2020

Sean Lowe. Remember that name? I sure do. In 2013, his season on The Bachelor aired and it was riveting. Through a mutual acquaintance, I had an opportunity to meet him right after he’d starred on the show and won the heart of Catherine. We shared a conversation about many of the characteristics that fans […]

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Light and Darkness: Part 2 — God’s Presence

Shannon | Jul 09, 2020

This is Part 2 of a blog series on the significance and symbolism of light and darkness as seen throughout Scripture. Here’s another nuance that stood out to me. After the Fall (Genesis 3), the term darkness operated in a new vein: wickedness, and it swept the Earth. God, in His sovereignty, permitted the darkness to […]

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Q & A with Grace Byers

Jul 01, 2020

So grateful that you are here! You’re in for a treat! Actress Grace Byers is a new online friend of mine and today she has joined us on our Spotlight Q & A! She shares about her challenging journey to finding success and growing in her field. Beyond acting, Grace loves to inspire others and […]

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