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Sweet Reminders

Shannon | Jun 09, 2021

The sweet aroma of honeysuckle filled the air as I drove across the bridge leading to our ministry offices. It was a few days before Mother’s Day when the sudden sensation captured my attention, directing my thoughts away from the issues and concerns that I’d been overanalyzing that morning, replacing them with a keen sense […]

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Q & A with Ashlee Eiland

May 19, 2021

Well, hello! Come on over and let me introduce you to Ashlee Eiland! She’s a writer and Bible teacher, serving at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. She and her husband, Delwin, have three kids, Brooklyn, Myles, and Journey. I’ve only recently had an opportunity to become acquainted with her in person. Before […]

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Q & A with Meshali Mitchell

Apr 21, 2021

Portrait artist, lover of people, and storyteller Meshali Mitchell is joining us on our Spotlight Q & A today! She is immensely talented, and the quality of her work is very personal for me! For many years when my children were younger, she was the one who would patiently pose us for yearly family pictures. […]

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Q & A with Amie Dockery

Mar 24, 2021

I’ve been an admirer of Amie Hayes Dockery for many years and for many reasons. To me, she has always been the picture of humility in action. She carries an air of dignity and grace that is always punctuated with a fiery determination to push through difficulty, fight against wrong and stand firmly for truth. I love […]

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Make the Change

Priscilla | Mar 11, 2021

Throughout the 1990’s, one of my favorite weekend activities was renting movies from Blockbuster Videos. This chain of businesses had locations that stretched across the entire country to offer cinematic entertainment long before online streaming became a thought in our minds. My friends and I would make a night of it: order pizza and sodas, […]

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Q & A with Ruth Chou Simons

Mar 03, 2021

Do you have a creative side? Our next Spotlight Blog Series guest certainly does!  Artist Ruth Chou Simons uses her creative gifts to share the Gospel with paint and brush. She is the founder of GraceLaced Co., an art and lifestyle brand that exists to tell the good news through collective, meaningful, and truth-filled products! You can […]

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Fire from Heaven

Shannon | Feb 16, 2021

It’s February 16, 2021, and I’m writing to you from the outskirts of Dallas, TX. It is 3° outside and there are inches of snow on the ground. We’re in a power cycle to manage electricity throughout the area, and my electricity has gone out more than twenty times in the past twenty-four hours. The […]

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Q & A with Trent Shelton

Feb 10, 2021

Pain is for a purpose, and our next interviewee knows this better than anyone.  My little brother Jonathan introduced me to Trent Shelton many years ago, and I’ve been intrigued by his passion and mission ever since. Trent was a college football standout but his NFL dreams were cut short and he was left with […]

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Q & A with Kevin and Melissa Fredericks

Jan 20, 2021

Years ago, I ran into a video clip circulating on the Internet that made me laugh so hard I thought I might never recover. I soon discovered that the comedian behind the hilarity was Kevin Fredericks, aka @KevOnStage! He and his wife, Melissa, aka @MrsKevOnStage, have supported one another’s individual endeavors for 13+ years of […]

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Beyond the Horizon

Shannon | Jan 14, 2021

2021, we made it!  But, what now? With 2020 came many experiences that rocked us. We were taught to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, to roll with the punches. Our faith was challenged as we yielded in surrender to God. The events of last year, and those that have bled into these first few weeks, should […]

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