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I went to a conference in Orlando and I had a blast!  I have been wanting to go back to God.  I prayed on Thursday morning to Him to help me find a way, to help me take a decision in my family situation.  I learned about your conference through a co-worker but I didn’t have money, couldn’t afford to go.  To be honest, I never had heard of you before but I wanted to be there.  Unexpectantly, my work schedule was changed.  Then, I was at the hotel I work in and started talking to some of the ladies who were staying there.  They offered me a ticket to go to the conference.  I had a blast!  I can still feel The Spirit at work in me.  Your message helped me to make a decisions…it was God speaking to me through you.  Thank you for your ministry.  God bless you!!

Going Beyond Event 


I attended the conference in Hattiesburg, MS this past Friday and Saturday and by far it was the best women’s conference I have ever been to. I told the group I was with that most events leave you feeling like you are going to save the world and then Monday rolls around and you are sitting there wondering what to do with yourself . . . but during the conference and afterwards I kept telling myself “I can do THIS.” Priscilla gave us such practical ways to have a deeper relationship with our Father. So thank you for having such a unique conference, one that was powerful, encouraging, but goals that are truly obtainable. Going Beyond Event

I wanted to send you an email about the outreach our Jonah Bible Study group did as a result of the challenge to make a difference in our community . . .Lake Avenue Church feeds the homeless every Sunday night so we chose that ministry as our outreach project. We arrived at 2:00pm with 18 frozen lasagna’s to feed about 200 people. When our guests began to arrive, we found that one of the ministry opportunities for us was to wash their feet, massage them with lotion or powder and then put a new, clean pair of socks on their feet. It was an amazing experience! I don’t know who was blessed more – those who received the blessing or those of us who were humbled by it. Our guests came to us often wet, carrying all their possessions. As the LAC Women’s Ministries Coordinator, I am going to make the opportunity to serve in this ministry a part of our Bible Studies every quarter. Thank you for showing us that it is not enough to just study God’s Word – we must also go forth and make a difference. Jonah Bible Study


“It’s only been in the last two years that I have had the lovely privilege to meet and get to know Priscilla.  A mutual friend highly recommended her ministry and said ‘she’s one of us, you’ll love her’.  So this is how we met, I invited her to Australia to be one of our key guests at our (Hillsong COLOUR) women’s conference.  The rest is history – we all fell in love with her and I think she and Jerry felt a similar connection.  To that end, she’s back on Aussie soil in 2010 and I know her magnificent grasp of His Word and her beautiful spirit will leave an indellible mark on the many thousands of women gathered.  I consider it an honor that God has allowed our worlds to connect”. Bobbie Houston (Pastor, Hillsong Australia, www.hillsong.com)


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