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All Over the World

Priscilla | Mar 11, 2010


This morning in Sydney has been amazing. Not just because the breeze has been cool and crisp, perfect for a morning jog. And not just because the view from this hotel window reveals a breathtaking picture of water and sky and architectural artistry. No, this morning was gorgeous because of a meeting that I attended.

As a prerequisite to the Colour women’s conference that is hosting some 14,000 women from 37 different nations and over two dozen denominations, I was invited to a high tea function for women in ministry who had come for the event. I walked into the room at a restaurant that overlooked the water on the coast and my breath was taken away . . . not because of the view or the cute, delicious sandwiches and soothing tea, but because the room was filled with God’s leaders from across his globe.

I was immediately greeted by a pastor’s wife from Lima, Peru who introduced me to another from Chicago, USA. Then I ran into a woman from Melbourne, Australia who was having a conversation with a woman from Uganda. A few moments later, I was introduced to Cape Town in South Africa, then New Zealand, London and The Ukraine. The introductions didn’t stop there. The diversity was full and rich and captivating and overwhelming.

The accents were as diverse as they were plentiful. Their outfits were unique and stunning. The fellowship was sweet and rare and interesting to behold. These women were an array of feminine hearts who were unified by their love for their God and a desire to see His women come to know Him and run after him.

I stood in the room amidst a gorgeous array of the global body of Christ and was reminded of my place in it. You see, it’s so easy for us to forget that we are a part of the work that God is doing ALL OVER THE WORLD. That our tiny place on the earthly map and His Kingdom plan is a part of a puzzle that needs our piece to be complete. And while we are each significant, I was reminded, in this room on this morning, that I am just a small part of a big God who has Big purposes. It would do good for me, for us, to always remember that there is a whole WORLD of his work going on. And that maybe seeking a way to connect to others outside of our immediate sphere of influence will not only bridge man-made divides that do a too-good job of separating us, but will broaden our horizon of God’s work and our place in it – helping us to keep perspective and foster momentum.

God is moving EVERYWHERE and in ways that are beyond our imagination.

People are being healed of disease – spiritual and physical.

Young girls are being rescued from abusive circumstances you wouldn’t dare to dream of.

Women are breaking through barriers of oppression that have governed their cities seeking to keep them from reaching their full potential.

And it’s all happening, in the name of the Lord. For His Sake and to His glory.

Today, I salute the women from this morning’s meeting. Some of whom are doing Kingdom work in circumstances far less forgiving and plush than I. And yet they work tirelessly and with great opposition to bring God’s daughters to Himself.

I’m better off having met you.