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Guard Your Ground

Priscilla | Sep 27, 2016

  My family and I live on a little woodsy patch of land that has a creek running straight across the back of it. There’s a bridge that crosses over the creek between the front and back parcel, which is where my sister and her family have lived for the past three years. Convenient. The […]

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Let’s Celebrate! Prince Warriors Book Two Release!

Priscilla | Sep 22, 2016

If you have confetti, now would be the perfect time to throw it! Book two of the Prince Warriors series – The Unseen Invasion – will be released in just a few weeks! Woo-hoooo!l I’d love for you to celebrate with us! Click play on the video below . . . Unable to view video? […]

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It Is Because of You . . .

The Going Beyond Team | Sep 20, 2016

  Back in April, 70,000 women gathered world-wide for the Priscilla Shirer simulcast event. During that event, Priscilla shared about her missions trip to Pignon, Haiti when she was a young girl. Hosean International Ministries (HIM), the ministry with whom she spent her time, played a significant role in her life. She also had the privilege to introduce Caleb and […]

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Busyness, Interrupted

Nicole | Sep 15, 2016

I tend to keep myself busy. Overly busy to be exact. I keep telling myself that a lengthy to-do list is normal.  My busy schedule was keeping every hour of my day packed with something to do. I definitely couldn’t miss my 5:30am date with the treadmill; it would be irresponsible of me to drop […]

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Detours and Delays

Priscilla | Sep 13, 2016

Was on the way to Dallas recently – headed home after a ministry trip in another state. We’d had a good time and it seemed like our investment had been beneficial to those who had attended the conference. We sure hoped so. We were grateful for the opportunity and joyfully exhausted. Ready to come home […]

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When Passion Goes to Church

Priscilla | Sep 08, 2016

  I’m fresh back from New York City. I had a few days in this lively and exciting town topped off by a glorious Sunday at the one and only Hillsong Church. Being there again, reminded me of the very first time I visited their church five years ago. I was stunned to see lines […]

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When Seasons (Don’t) Change

Nicole | Sep 06, 2016

  Fall, come quickly. I beg. I plead. The summer heat has really outdone its welcome. We’ve experienced enough of the near 100+ degree temps here in Texas. Summer is more than free to step aside so that Fall may step to the forefront and show off in all its glory. I’m ready for pumpkin spiced everything. Even my air […]

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Shifting Gears

Nicole | Sep 01, 2016

  Car trouble. Nothing can cripple a good day like car trouble. My car had been making this awful noise for the past few weeks and with other things crowding my schedule, I had yet to get it looked at. “I’ll get to it tomorrow,” I told myself . . . many times. Several tomorrows […]

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Out of the Mouths of Babes!

Priscilla | Aug 30, 2016

I spent some time with a very, very important guest recently. I had a fun little chat with my youngest son, Jude, about, well,  the important things in life! You know, being home-schooled, funny faces, and loving our neighbors. Click play on the video below. We’d love for you to join us! Unable to view video? Click here. […]

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Unfazed. Unmoved. Just Comfortable.

Abisha | Aug 25, 2016

We were in route, and it was raining. Not just a sprinkle here and there . . . it was pouring. You know, the kind of rain where you can barely see the road in front of you. That kind of rain. I hate driving in the rain . . . it literally gives me […]

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