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War Room in Theaters Now!

Aug 28, 2015

Today is the day!  We’ve been waiting for August 28th for quite some time now! War Room is now in theaters nationwide! Unable to view video?  Click on link: War Room Opens This Weekend! Hey, we want to know where you’ll be watching War Room this weekend! Leave a comment below with your city and state! […]

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WFA Summer | A Call to Prayer

Priscilla | Aug 26, 2015

This week is our final week and also a very special week because War Room opens in theaters this Friday!! Can you believe it’s here?! This movie is on the topic of our final weapon for the #WFASummer Series – prayer. Let’s chat . . . Unable to view video? Click here: #WFASummer Series – Armor 7 – […]

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WFA Summer | Chatting with Alex Kendrick!

Priscilla | Aug 24, 2015

You, my friend, are joining us for our final week of the WFA Summer Series.  We’ve been counting down to this moment! The moment when WAR ROOM opens in theaters nation wide!  Join Alex and I as we chat about the heart behind the movie. Click to watch! Unable to view video? Click on link: […]

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WFA Summer | Sword of the Spirit

Priscilla | Aug 19, 2015

Welcome to our W (War Room) F (Fervent) A (Armor of God) Summer Series! Can you believe we are nearing the end? If you’ve missed any of the WFA Summer vlogs or would just like to watch again, there are links at the end of this post just for you! Today? We are chatting about the sword of the […]

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WFA Summer | Chatting with Ms. Beth!

Priscilla | Aug 17, 2015

Hey There! This has been quite the summer and I am so glad you are sharing it with me! Guess who I have here with me today?! Ms. Beth Moore! Yay!! Click play to watch. Unable to view video? Click here: Ms. Beth and Priscilla Chat About War Room Invite all you know!!  We want to […]

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WFA Summer | The Helmet of Salvation

Priscilla | Aug 12, 2015

I hope you are enjoying our journey together as much as I am! Our next armor? The helmet of salvation.  Enjoy! Unable to view video? Click on link: WFASummer – Helmet of Salvation If you desire to dig deeper and expand your discussion with a group of sisters (or by yourself!), The Armor of God Bible study is now available. It’s the “A” […]

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WFA Summer | Slumber Party!

Priscilla | Aug 10, 2015

Hey there, I am chatting with Alena Pitts and Jadin Harris today –  the two young stars from the movie War Room! Gather your teens and pre-teens around the computer, iPad, iPhone, or the latest iAnything and enjoy!   Unable to view video? Click on link:  WFA Summer – Slumber Party! THIS WEEK’S GIVEAWAY: We are giving away TEN copies of For […]

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WFA Summer | Shield of Faith

Priscilla | Aug 05, 2015

Well, hello! I know we have ALOT of new friends joining us today!  We’d like to welcome each of you to our little spot in this world wide web. So glad you’re spending time with us. We’ve been journeying through each armor of God together for the past several weeks during our WFA Summer Series.  If you’re not too sure what […]

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WFA Summer | On Guard

Nicole | Aug 03, 2015

I braved paintball for the first time, ya’ll. It started off as a great idea. It really did! The idea of it? So fun! I’ve been wanting to do it for a few years now. Several friends came together over the weekend to celebrate a couple of birthdays and we wanted something fun to do […]

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WFA Summer | Shoes of Peace

Priscilla | Jul 29, 2015

Hey sister! Week three is underway! Let’s chat, shall we? Unable to view video?  Click here: #WFASummer Series – Week Three – Shoes of Peace THIS WEEK’S GIVEAWAY: If you joined us for our live webcast on July 8th, you may remember me mentioning a pair of my favorite comfy slippers. Well, I want to spread […]

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