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Our First AWAKEN of the Year!

The Going Beyond Team | Feb 04, 2016

  To our Dallas/Ft.Worth family (and to those who love a good road-trip!), our first AWAKEN gathering of 2016 is just around the corner!! Click play on the video below: Unable to view video? Click here: AWAKEN | Gathering – March 2016 Invitation! Registration for this event begins Tuesday, February 9th at 10AM (CST). That’s THIS […]

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This Month’s Chat: Overcoming Domestic Violence

The Going Beyond Team | Feb 02, 2016

  The beginning of a new month marks new episodes of the web show, The Chat with Priscilla! This month’s guest is Christy Sims who shares her story of domestic violence. Assaulted by her boyfriend with industrial sulfuric acid, Christy shares her season of recovery and rising above. Hear her courageously tell how she’s overcome and how God is using her […]

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Continued Worship

Nicole | Jan 28, 2016

  I love music. And I love concerts even more. Everyone in attendance is there for one thing – the same thing. On this night, it was for worship. Bethel’s Worship Nights had come to town. I was counting down to the day I would stand shoulder-to-shoulder next to men and women all longing and anticipating a face-to-face […]

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God with Us

Priscilla | Jan 26, 2016

The Lion King is one of my all-time favorite movies. I’ve seen it at least three times on Broadway and endless times on the DVD player in my own home. It’s just one of those timeless classics that deserves to be passed down through the ages. For me, the most memorable scene is where young Simba is […]

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‘Caged No More’ in Theaters Friday!

Jan 21, 2016

  We are excited to share a new movie with you! Click play on the video below to hear all about it from Priscilla and Anthony! Unable to view video? Click here: Caged No More – Anthony and Priscilla Talk About Upcoming Movie Be sure to support this film opening weekend! Find a theater near you […]

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Covered in Prayer

Priscilla | Jan 19, 2016

  . . . the whole assembly of the people were outside praying. And an angel appeared to Him . . . Luke 1:10-11 Zechariah, a holy and devout man, was about to get the surprise of a lifetime. While performing his priestly duties in the temple, the angel of the Lord appeared to him and […]

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Throwback Recap

The Going Beyond Team | Jan 14, 2016

That title almost rhymed! Ha! So close. Well, how are ya? Every Thursday for the past few months we’ve been revisiting a few of our past guest bloggers. If you are a regular here, you’re nodding your head “I know, I know!”. We truly, truly pray you’ve enjoyed this season with us! There were so many […]

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The Fervent Tour: Coming to a City Near You!

The Going Beyond Team | Jan 12, 2016

  The Fervent Tour, with Priscilla Shirer and Anthony Evans, will be coming to a city near you! Click play on the video below for more information! Unable to view video?  Click here: Fervent Tour – Winter 2016 www.TheFerventTour.com TOUR DATES AND LOCATIONS: (click on city for ticket information) February 15th Springdale, AR Priscilla Shirer w/ Anthony […]

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#TBT Guest Blogger: Lisa Harper | Missy is Home!

Priscilla | Jan 07, 2016

  We’ve come to the end of our “throwback Thursday” guest blogger series, guys.  I know, I know, let’s all say it together . . . Awww!  It has been a fun time revisiting some of our favorites. We are ending with a great, great love story today – a story on adoption. If this is […]

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Small Victories

Nicole | Jan 05, 2016

Happy New Year!! It’s the beginning of yet another year! I pray you’ve had a holiday filled with family and friends that left you with sweet memories. Presents have been opened and extended family members have made their voyage back home. The Christmas tree is still standing; a few lights missing but no rush in […]

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