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Listen to Any Good Books Lately?

Nicole | Feb 27, 2015

I’m a book fan. I have bookshelves full of books. I love the way they look, I love the way they smell, and I love the way a brand new book sounds when you open it up for the first time. Collecting books has been a bucket list item of mine since I was about 13 years old. I […]

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How Many Shades?

Nicole | Feb 24, 2015

Hey there sisters! I hope this post finds you warm wherever you may be.  Dallas has been hit with one of our biggest cold fronts of the season and it has resulted in snow and a lot of icy roads. We aren’t use to these conditions as they don’t happen often. Schools and many businesses have shut […]

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New Faces, Random Spaces

Michone' | Feb 20, 2015

So recently I visited a vegan restaurant… Yep, you heard me. VEGAN. Now to some that may not sound like a big deal but for those closest to me, well one of my favorite things is food. Enough said, right? So finding me in a vegan restaurant is a very rare occurrence. It was a […]

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Priscilla | Feb 18, 2015

There have been some exciting changes around here! Have you noticed?! Welcome to our brand new website. It’s been a labor of love for lots of months now. The ladies in the office have taken great care in working with our designer to craft every page and picture with you in mind. We sure do hope […]

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Putting God First

Priscilla | Feb 12, 2015

We are chatting with Dr. Evans today about the importance of putting God first. “Where we position God affects how He relates to us.” Enjoy today’s video blog!

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Your Spiritual Armor

Priscilla | Feb 06, 2015

We have a vlog for you this Friday! But before you click to watch, I want to congratulate Angelica, Meg, and Shannon!  Ladies, you’ve won a copy of Wynter Pitts’ new devotional for tween girls from Tuesday’s giveaway. You’ll be hearing from us soon so be sure to check your email.  If you did not […]

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A Devotional for Tween Girls Giveaway!

Priscilla | Feb 03, 2015

Well, I’ll readily admit that I’m pretty smitten by Wynter Pitts and her sweet brood of girls. I mean, come on! Adorable right? More than anything, I’ve appreciated Wynter’s faithful passion to make sure her girls had something created with them in mind that would keep them grounded in the Word and focused in the […]

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Question of the Day

Michone' | Jan 27, 2015

Sometimes here in the office we stumble upon doing random things which make our days that much sweeter – singing at the top of our lungs, collecting tree logs so that Nicole can make coasters for the office, or even just surprising one another with breakfast! Just the other day I played a game called […]

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Laser Focus

Nicole | Jan 21, 2015

Changing our circumstances is sometimes out of our control. There are relationships that you pray would mend; a second report from doctors that bear the same disheartening news you wish would change; a mishap at work that you wish could be undone. The list could go on. But there is definitely good news. We can […]

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We Have Exciting News!

Priscilla | Jan 16, 2015

Oh, do we have exciting news to share with you today! Click here if unable to view video. We are looking forward to this event! Here’s the information again so that you may add it to your calendar, set reminders on your phone, or tuck it in to your back pocket. WHAT: Awaken WHEN: March 24th at […]

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