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The Chat with Priscilla is LIVE Tonight!

The Going Beyond Team | Apr 24, 2015

Need a suggestion for Friday night plans? Look no further!  The Chat with Priscilla will be LIVE TONIGHT with very special guests!! Stephen Kendrick (one of the creators of Fireproof and Courageous) and Karen Abercrombie will be joining Priscilla from the Priscilla Shirer Live Simulcast location, at the Von Braun Center in Hunstville, AL to chat […]

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Worship Wednesday!

Nicole | Apr 22, 2015

Hey, hey!  Well happy Wednesday to ya. I’m excited to talk about music with you all today!! Forgive me in advance if I go overboard with the exclamation marks. I’m a huge music fan and we love playing music here in the office. We’ve even written an entire blog about it. For real. This may […]

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On Guard

Nicole | Apr 17, 2015

I braved paintball for the first time over the weekend, ya’ll. It started off as a great idea. It really did! The idea of it? So fun! I’ve been wanting to do it for a few years now. Several friends came together over the weekend to celebrate a couple of birthdays and we wanted something […]

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Lifeboats . . . and Other Escape Plans

Priscilla | Apr 14, 2015

Life’s tough. Like, for real. No matter who you are, where you live or what sort of dynamics make up your particular set of circumstances, life can be hard. Between unexpected news to the regular rhythms of maintaining some sense of balance and priority in the midst of the details of your day, managing it […]

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A New Bible Study Just For You!

The Going Beyond Team | Apr 08, 2015

There has been a lot of buzz in the Going Beyond office these past couple of weeks. It had only been a few days after our AWAKEN gathering when we began preparing for a week-long Bible study taping session with LifeWay for Priscilla’s upcoming Bible study, The Armor of God. Our excitement has definitely been in non-stop mode. […]

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He Lives! He Lives!

The Going Beyond Team | Apr 03, 2015

Hi friends! As we prepare to celebrate the death and resurrection of our King, we want to encourage you to take  moments throughout this weekend to bask in the awesome wonder of what Christ has done for each of us. 1 Peter 2:24 says that, “He himself bore our sins in His body on the Cross.” Let that […]

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Be Anxious for Nothing

Apr 01, 2015

So glad that you are able to join us today! Aren’t you glad we serve a God that cares about our each and every need?  It can be big or it can be small. Each need and desire that we have matters to Him. This is the God we serve! Let’s chat more about it.  Enjoy […]

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Power Was the Story at AWAKEN

Going Beyond Team | Mar 26, 2015

The lines of excited women stretched around the enormous lobby of Concord Church on Tuesday evening. As they waited for the doors to open, the lines turned into giant conversation parties: groups of women, some in matching T-shirts, others in work clothes, like hospital scrubs or business suits, chatting with the ladies around them. All […]

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The Spring, The Simulcast and the Grand Giveaway

Priscilla | Mar 24, 2015

The spring is such a great time of the year. The air is crisp and the ground, once dry and cold, is bursting with color and life. Everything seems to be moving forward, growing upward and brimming with possibility and potential. It’s why I love my back yard. Seriously, it’s why we bought the place. […]

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An Unexpected Night

Michone' | Mar 20, 2015

I remember the night so clearly. There were tons of women, all with happy faces, glowing spirits, and eager hearts as they migrated towards the door that would lead them into a worship experience that I knew little about. I was surrounded by women of all ages, stages, colors, and shades. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, […]

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