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Unfazed. Unmoved. Just Comfortable.

Abisha | Aug 25, 2016

We were in route, and it was raining. Not just a sprinkle here and there . . . it was pouring. You know, the kind of rain where you can barely see the road in front of you. That kind of rain. I hate driving in the rain . . . it literally gives me […]

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Priscilla Live in India!

The Going Beyond Team | Aug 23, 2016

Amid the vibrant colors of India, you’ll find evidence of God’s glory in every corner of the country: from the lush countryside to the smiles of little children to the women who have been fearfully and wonderfully made by Him. But in stark contrast with its rich culture is its extreme poverty evidenced in the […]

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The “No” Anointing

Priscilla | Aug 18, 2016

I can’t be sure how I came upon the phrase. I just blurted it out one day in a conversation among women (me included) who were all trying to figure out a balance in life. “Yawl, we need a No Anointing.”  That’s what I called it. Not exactly sure why. It just seemed to fit. I […]

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Silly Random Things

Priscilla | Aug 16, 2016

*If you were hoping for some spiritual insight and sound encouragement in today’s blog, please RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Only silly randomness here for now. Can I just be honest? I much prefer the days when pictures were taken on real, live actual cameras that had film. Of course it was annoying having to take […]

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Married for 5 Minutes!

Priscilla | Aug 11, 2016

  Well, not literally for five minutes. Read on and I’ll explain. I had the privilege to sit and chat with my dear friend, Shundria Riddick, author of a new book called Married for Five Minutes: Hope for Living Inside Real-Life Marriages. This book addresses the major issues that marriages face and it’s perfect for our married readers and singles as […]

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Carpool Shenanigans with Ms. Beth and Priscilla

The Going Beyond Team | Aug 09, 2016

  Oooh we have something FUN up our sleeve today. Okay, so we snagged this little video gem off of Priscilla’s phone the other day and it was too hilarious not to share. Ever wonder what happens when Beth Moore and Priscilla carpool together? Wonder no more, my friend. Enjoy! I know you’ll find a chuckle in there! Interested […]

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The God of the Universe

The Going Beyond Team | Aug 04, 2016

  Have you ever wondered how the trees know it’s ok to bloom? Or the flowers know that spring has arrived? When winter has been cut short? Have you ever thought about the birds chirping in the early morning after a hard rain as if on cue that the storm has passed? Or how our […]

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She’s God’s Girl!

Priscilla | Aug 02, 2016

When Wynter Pitts started crafting resources for tween girls that she hoped would be both edifying and entertaining, she had no idea that they’d become such a big hit. What began as a mother’s interest to create something beautiful for her four daughters has turned into full-time ministry and job for this busy innovator and entrepreneur.Her tween-focused […]

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Fervent Fridays | Week 11 | Final Thoughts

Priscilla | Jul 29, 2016

  Welcome to our final week of Fervent Fridays! We have been so grateful for each of you that have joined us in this journey. We’ve loved praying for each of you and will continue to do so! Click play on the video below. I’d love to chat with you about a few final thoughts . . . […]

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Fervent Fridays | Week 10 | Your Relationships

Priscilla | Jul 22, 2016

WOW! This is our 10th week together for #FerventFridays! Thank you for joining us each week, thank you for sharing your prayers and thank you for praying for one another. This week’s video is about unity within our relationships. Let’s chat. Click here if unable to view video: #FerventFridays – Week 10 – Your Relationships SCRIPTURES YOU CAN USE: […]

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