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In ALL Things

Michone' Taylor | Nov 26, 2014

Thanksgiving is here and with it carries all the traditions of the season:

Turkey . . .

Stuffing . . .

Long decorated tables . . . and pies galore!

I loooove going back to East Texas to sit around the table with aunties, cousins, sisters, and friends to talk loud, laugh hard, and eat more than we can stand. Growing up, there was nothing more exciting for me than to get ready for the holidays at granny’s house. The night before Thanksgiving always consisted of crazy grocery store lines, late night cooking lessons from the older ladies in my life, and Family Feud…the game! 🙂 And while I know that to others, those things may not sound that appealing, for me they were everything!

Now that I am older, like many families I’m sure, we’ve begun a tradition of going around the table to express what we are most thankful for. It has grown to become something that I look forward to and give much thought in the days leading up. In times past, reflecting over my year seemed so simple but this year, things are a bit different. While most take time to reflect over the year of all the good that they are thankful for, it was impressed upon my heart to dwell on some of my prayers that resulted in a “no” or “wait” as an answer. While there is MUCH good to be thankful for, so often I forget to not only consider the “yeses” from God but to also take the time to find thanksgiving in the request that just didn’t quite end up the way I envisioned.

You know, the challenging gifts from God.

The requests He has said wait to or just flat out said no to. You know, the difficult things that the Lord either carried us through or is currently carrying us through. How many times have I gone to God thanking Him for the rainy days in my life this year? I could probably count on one hand. Is it that I didn’t think these moments were just as significant or just as valuable in my life?


Are you ever tempted to just look at the situations in your life that seem obvious to be thankful for? I challenge us all this season to look at some things that we would not have initially deemed as something to be thankful for. We know with full assurance from the truth of the scriptures that because God works all things together for His good, we can be thankful for this “tough, challenging, no, wait, or hard season”, too. For it is often in those times that we are drawn closest to our Savior.

So please share with us . . .

What is a no, wait, or not yet answered prayer that you are thankful for this holiday? What are some of the traditions that you look forward to or look forward to starting this season? And please feel free to share those pumpkin pie and pecan pie recipes.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Happy Thanksgiving, Going Beyond family!