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Alone or Lonely

Jan 26, 2012

I’ve been thinking about the beauty of “alone-ness” today. (Is that a word?) For the past 48 hours I’ve done little else than sit amongst a smattering of books and commentaries with my computer, cell phone and. . . my own thoughts. Other than dinner with a couple girlfriends last night, I’ve left the room only on occasion to grab a cup of tea from a tiny lounge that makes such things available just down the hall. I’ve been alone . . .and I’ve loved it.I don’t know if I would have been this attracted to silence, stillness and solitude 15 years ago. A natural extrovert, I’m usually recharged by people and busyness and activity. I still enjoy all of the above but somehow I’ve grown more appreciative of the simple treasure of just being alone with no one and nothing to fuss over. Quiet has become my friend.. . .a long lost friend, since I lost track with it once my very first child was born. Now, there is rarely a dull moment and even fewer that allow me to be by myself.Now, don’t get me wrong. I still love the happiness and energy of my house teeming over with busy bodies and non-stop movement but now, I’m appreciating alone-ness like I never would have before.It’s become a bit of a gift.One that I never thought I’d enjoy unwrapping and utilizing this much. I think an appreciation for this often disregarded joy in life is one of the gifts that family life often can give to a woman. . .or maybe it’s just a gift of age and maturity. I’m not sure.What about you? Does alone-ness tap into a loneliness that you try to avoid or does it rejuvenate you?Priscilla