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An Unexpected Night

Michone' | Mar 20, 2015

I remember the night so clearly. There were tons of women, all with happy faces, glowing spirits, and eager hearts as they migrated towards the door that would lead them into a worship experience that I knew little about. I was surrounded by women of all ages, stages, colors, and shades. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, and friends that all seemed to have the same excitement! This, my friends, was my very first memory of AWAKEN. I had just moved to Dallas, and had a desire to serve my community in any way that I could. So when I heard about this AWAKEN worship experience I immediately jumped on it. You see, I wanted to go and pour into others, to show them love and encouragement, VC4A6257however I was the one that unexpectedly received every single one of those things. As I found my way to the volunteer table I was greeted by a sweet and inviting face that I would soon come to know very well. We spent sometime chatting and before we knew it, there were hundreds of women surrounding us at the AWAKEN resource table.

It was time to serve.

I would like to say that I remember every name, face, smile, and “thank you” that night; however, while I cannot say that, I can say that I remember the warmth, the community, the experience of each and every moment.

It soon became time for the gathering to start. As we walked through the doors, little did I know I would be challenged and encouraged to my core. The message was so impactful and truthful, hearing the whispers of the Holy Spirit throughout the entire time. The worship was inspiring, heart pulling, meeting each and every woman right where she was. The prayer experience felt like we were literally sitting at the feet of Jesus as we petitioned on behalf of the new friend sitting beside us. Also, the challenge to not only receive a good word but to then go and be the hands and feet of Christ within the adopted ministry that night stretched us.

As often Christ does.VC4A6305

I was inspired to write this not only to reflect on the way the Lord moved that night at AWAKEN, but, as we anticipate serving you all on March 24th at our next gathering, I wanted to write and encourage you to begin praying now. Pray that the Lord would meet you right at your seat. Pray for the lady that will be sitting next to you. Pray for the volunteer that will serve you. Pray for the outreach ministry that we will serve. Because I am praying that the Lord would surprise you with His glory and splendor the same way He surprised me my first night at AWAKEN!

I absolutely cannot wait to see you ladies there!