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From Autumn-Colored Christmas to HOT Christmas to Singing Christmas

Dec 07, 2011


What a delightful day to be alive!  There is Christmas music in the air and I have breath to breathe and the leaves are changin….WHAT?!  Yep.  Texas should shelve the old classic movie, “White Christmas” and replace it with a movie called “Autumn-Colored Christmas” instead!  Ha!  Not that I don’t LOVE it….I am definitely an autumn girl.  It’s just…well, you know, not quite Christmas.  Which brings me to…. Last year, I was in Sydney Australia for this auspicious holiday.  And Christmas comes smack dab in the middle of Sydney’s summer months.  So the deco is a little different from the states, with surfing santas in hawaiian board shorts.  Christmas Day feasts consist of literally throwing “another shrimp on the barbie” as we would grill down at the beach.  To say it didn’t SEEM like Christmas is an understatement.  But somehow, in the middle of heat stroke, no family present, and scarfing down a kangaroo steak (yes, they really eat that!), while nothing SEEMED like Christmas, my heart FELT it was Christmas.  Weird huh?  

I guess it was that away-from-home Christmas that has me thinking THIS Christmas, “What makes Christmas, FEEL like CHRISTMAS?”  The simplest of answers?  The gift of Jesus.  The most complex of answers? The gift of Jesus.   ANd THAT is what has my heart singing this morning.  Because no matter WHERE you are today, no matter WHAT you are doing, Christmas can come to your heart.  Christ has come.  He is Emmanuel, God with us…and He “gets” us..and THAT is why I celebrate today!If you are alone and know not a soul…if there will be no presents under your tree…take heart my love! If you are running like mad getting ready for all the fuss and pomp and circumstance of the season and you feel like Christmas has been chased out by the busy…open your eyes my love! And if you are loving on people and seeking Him in the middle of all this..breathe my love! He has provided you the gift above ALL gifts!  Jesus has come to this earth!  He has provided a way for us to know The Heart Knower!  He is The Lover of your soul!  He IS The Way Maker!  He has COME and He is there.  He is HERE.   So today, as you walk through your world, let your heart sing the tune of “Jesus is HERE!  Jesus has COME!”  Breathe my love.  He is here…and He hears you sing!   CHRISTMAS IS HERE! SING! annetta