May 09, 2013

Hey ya’ll!

If you’ve paid any attention to our blog or homepage in the last few months, you’d have seen a neat little event pop on the radar:  AWAKEN.  It all started a few years ago…Priscilla was desperate to offer a free event to women in her hometown.  She prayed about it, thought on it and prayed some more…and the results have quite simply rocked us off our hubris shelves and onto our knees.  

We believe that AWAKEN was made to be more than an event.  

It was made to be an experience.  A family.  A community.

All your besties that you’ve never met, gathered together to wholeheartedly praise Him in worship, to plead in prayer and to listen intently as God speaks through His Word through our sister Priscilla. 

So without further ado, at this upcoming AWAKEN event, we’d love to highlight 5 of our blog readers!  Our VIP winners will have reserved front row seating, receive a package of autographed books by Priscilla and have a small reception with her and members of the GB staff after the event (let’s just say that wherever Priscilla is concerned that chocolate and cupcakes are generally involved:)).

If you are coming and want to be one of our 5 VIPs for the evening, you must do 2 things to enter:

1.  Tweet, Instagram or Facebook about this post.

2.  Leave a comment below telling us your name and where you’ll be coming from to attend the event.

We will pick the winner on Thursday evening, May 16th. 

Also, if you haven’t registered yet (IT’S FREE!!!) take a second to go HERE and let us know you’re coming!  Bring your girlfriends, your nosy neighbor and that co-worker who has been asking questions about God.  Gosh, bring the whole block!  We want a rowdy bunch of women ready to storm the throneroom, praying for our city!

Ok.  Thoughts?  Ready, set GO!


annetta and The GB Team