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Best Year YET!

Jan 01, 2013

It’s the time for reflecting and pressing ahead friends…it’s the New Year!  And as I look ahead, with one eye remembering the years before, I keep thinking:  I want this to be my BEST YEAR YET.  

The only way it will be that is if I prepare for it to be my best year yet.  

So how do I prepare?  How do I position myself and get ready for the best year of my life?  I sat and thought about this and gathered thoughts from those wiser than myself and here’s what I’ve come up with…

Do something you’ve never done before.  We talk about “ONE day…” quite often..but how often do we really DO “one day…” type of activities?

Say no.  It’s time to stop the people-pleasing.  God gave you just enough energy in the day to accomplish what He has for you to accomplish.  If you keep doing all that He has for you PLUS what OTHER people have for you…well, you’re gonna be burnt-out and worn-thin in NO time.  Spend some time with the Lord outlining His priorities for you…then start saying yes and no to activities based on those priorities! 

Take action.  There’s a dream in the back of your head for years.  YEARS.  And you’ve just let it sit and soak.  Now is the time to start moving in it…otherwise it’ll go SOUR!  So friends…figure out the first step, no matter how small, that is required to accomplishing your dream!  Wanna own a bakery?  Meet with your business wiz friend and draw up a business plan or perfect your scone recipe!  Want to write a book?  Start blogging.  Regularly.  No, REGULARLY!  

Ok, so what do YOU think?  These are just a few of my thoughts…I’m stoked about seeing how these little things can shift my year to be the best year YET!

Let’s press in and hold on for our life’s sake!