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Cafeteria Lady Cooks For One

Jul 21, 2010

cafeteria lady - Hannah Montana

As one who is used to cooking great vats of food for a busy family, I suddenly find myself at a loss. I’ve got a few days with no one else at home – just little old me – and I don’t know how to prepare food for just one person!

I know, I know. The answer is: GO OUT TO EAT!

And believe me, I will.

But on my own, I’m actually too lazy to get into the car and drive to food.

I basically want to open the refrigerator and have something leap into my hands that can be eaten immediately. Out of the container. Without a fork or spoon.

I took a field trip to the grocery store to find what *I* would like to eat during my days of solitude. I found yoghurt and fruit, some pasta and marinara sauce, crackers, chocolate/raspberry cookies, chai tea, and individually packaged molten lava brownies. I’ze livin’ large, man! Woot!

But I got confused in the frozen entree aisle and left without making any decisions there. Are any of them any good?? I hate to waste my valuable alone time testing frozen macaroni and cheese with a side of green beans if they are going to taste like the cardboard box.

I need help! After 27 years of operating the family cafe, I could use advice on how (and what) to eat alone. Tips, brands, restaurants, take out….give me the low down. And I promise not to eat with my hair net on.


What do you eat when you’re on your own??