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Deeper Still Must Haves!

Dec 02, 2010

I’m just so excited about today! Miss Beth, Miss Kay and I have been waiting all year to get to Birmingham for our final Deeper Still event of the year. The three of us have been chatting via email and over the phone and we are just brimming with anticipation because we believe the weekend is going to be amazing! 

I’ve heard from you on twitter and through our website and know that you are just as excited as we are. And while we are working hard to be sober-minded and stay focused on the always-humbling work of teaching God’s Word, there will be lots of laughter and “random-ness” from the stage, I’m sure. The three of us just can’t help it when we get together.

Miss Beth and Me

Miss Beth and Me

Miss Kay and Me


Miss Kay and Me

In any case, since this is our fourth year of doing the Deeper Still event, I’ve learned a few tricks along the way that I thought I’d share with you, so you can be fully prepared for what you are getting yourself into:


1. Rest well. We are fully aware that you are making extra meals to store in your freezer so your family won’t die of starvation while you are away, and that you are trying desperately to arrange their schedules and pack your suitcase while at the same time staying sane, BUT you’ve gotta get a nap in if you can. After traveling all day today and getting settled in the hotel, you’ll need a wink or two so that you can be completely cognizant for every bit of the message on Friday night. You WILL NOT want to miss one little bit of what God will share with you. 

2. Bring your Bible and a pen.I promise you. . .every single person that will take the platform this weekend will have a Bible passage for you to turn to. And I have no doubt that you will also want to write down what the Lord is speaking to your heart. . . and He will speak! Bring a notepad if you want, but don’t feel pressure to. The program we give you has LOTS of room to write. 

3. Expect to hang out with us until late afternoon on Saturday.Honey, you’re going to be with us ALL DAY on Saturday. And it will be time well spent. You can go to the mall and spa another time. Friday night and Saturday is our “Date with God” and He tends to like to hang out all day at the Deeper Still Events. 

4. Wear comfy shoes and clothesThe arena is big and you’ll want to be comfy! Bring a sweater just in case it’s cold in there but feel free to wear whatever makes you comfy. The three of us will mostly likely be in heels, but that just because Miss Kay and I are trying to keep up with Miss Beth’s cute little self. 

5. Be Patient13,000 of your closest friends are also going to be there with us. They, like you, will be trying to get into the parking lot, restrooms and the seats in the arena. Just smile and remember that we are all FAMILY!It’s going to be a great weekend!

Enjoy your friends, God’s Word, His presence. . . and some great chocolate!

See you soon,Priscilla