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Devoted Conference

Mar 03, 2011

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pIf I was going to pick a name for a women’s conference, “Devoted” would be it. Don’t you like the sound of it? emDevoted./em This weekend, Priscilla will be speaking at the a href=”http://www.devotedconference.com” target=”_blank”Devoted Conference/a in Virginia Beach, VA. She’ll be there, along with her friends a href=”http://www.godchicks.com/holly-wagner/” target=”_blank”Holly Wagner/a and a href=”http://www.watoto.com/about-us/the-founders/marilyn-skinner” target=”_blank”Marilyn Skinner,/a to be part of something really special. Their invitation says simply:/p
pemspan class=”subPageHeaders”spanFor
the last several years the women have been gathering, with the purpose
of seeing themselves, their immediate world and beyond changed for the
better. It’s about them becoming the catalyst for change, of them
realizing they have a voice… that by joining together they will reach
farther and touch deeper into the hearts and lives of those around them.
It’s been like an “AHA” moment where they realize they are of great
value and so is the sister next to them! And so the journey continues as
they reach and strive to do what they can to see this world become a
better place, simple because they’re here!/span/span/em/p
pspan class=”subPageHeaders”spanOver 1,200 women will be joining together to declare that they are “/span/spanspan class=”subPageHeaders”spandevoted…to
the cause of Christ, to making a difference in her world, to cheering
others on, to be the best mother, daughter, sister, grandma, aunt,
friend we can be.” I know it will be an amazing weekend, and we want to be in prayer for what the Lord has in store.br/span/span/p
pspan class=”subPageHeaders”spanIf you’re in the Virginia Beach area, Priscilla will also be speaking at the a href=”http://www.wavechurch.com/” target=”_blank”Wave Church/a Sunday morning services – and you can find service times and information a href=”http://www.wavechurch.com/contentpages.aspx?parentnavigationid=1557&viewcontentpageguid=6f435597-9090-4d31-a46d-a2d1f17d7c69″ target=”_blank”here/a./span/span/p
pspan class=”subPageHeaders”spanLove, Rachel Anne/span/span/p
pspan class=”subPageHeaders”spanemWhat are you devoted to?/embr/span/span/p