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Easter Time!

Mar 28, 2013

Happy Easter Weekend to our favorite bloggers!

The Shirers and Annetta will be hopping on a plane Sunday for a quick vacation and then heading to Memphis to be with our friends at Life Church. It’s going to be a full, long week for them but oh so much fun!

I, on the other hand, am going to try and hold down the fort while everyone is gone but it’s going to be quite lonely without my pals. Thankfully, my mom came to town and I get to spend time with she and my brother and his fam in Waco this weekend. She even got to drop by the office yesterday which was such a treat!

(isn’t she puuuuuuuurty????)

So, while the Shirer’s and Annetta are on a plane and I’m spending time with the fam this Sunday, what are YOU doing this Easter? Many MANY blessings to all of you as we have much to celebrate this weekend! He is coming back for us again! That’s a great thing to rejoice over these next few days.