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Eat, Pray, Love

Aug 16, 2010

eat pray love

It’s all the rave right now – this movie about a woman’s journey across
Italy, India and Indonesia. While I’ve not seen it, I’ve heard that
Julia Roberts does a great job of portraying a woman in turmoil who
travels the world for a year to search for. . . .everything.

Seriously, that’s the subtitle of the story: One Woman’s search for
everything across Italy, India and Indonesia.

It’s this “searching for everything” business that’s got me thinking a
bit. I mean, I understand. I’ve had a season or two in my life were I’ve
felt like I needed to find myself. Whether off kilter because of
unexpected twists and turns in life or just overwhelmed by the expected
one, there have been a few times that I’ve found myself floundering. So,
I get it. . .

But, I gotta tell you, every single time I’ve gone searching for any
sort of significance or pleasure or peace, I’ve found myself lacking at
the end of my expedition and a bit dazed by the energy I’d expended
along the way. The outcome of my searches haven’t been worth what they’d
cost me to take them.

So, I’m just wondering how Julia Roberts character (Elizabeth Gilbert)
fares at the end. I guess I’m wondering. . . .if she’s still searching.

I mean, “everything” is certainly a tall order.

Is it even possible to find EVERYTHING, anyway? I’m just asking.

Have you been on a search lately? If so, for what and for how long?
How’s it going?