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Entertaining Angels

Feb 22, 2011

pA few days ago, I received an email from my friend, Linda. She’s had a ton of stuff going on in her life but her testimony is just so uplifting, I asked if I could share it. Her grandfather had just passed away, and because she had just spent time with him in the days before his passing, she stayed at home while her husband and young kids drove to Pittsburgh from Dallas for the funeral. She writes:/p
pemI just had to tell. God is so good./em/p
pemI am so exhausted right now. Emotionally, physically and even my spirit is tired.brI got a call this morning that my husband Leon and the kids made it safely to brPittsburgh, as they drove all night long. Unfortunately the last hour brCaleb (son) started to throw up in the van. (MY CLEAN van had just been washed 2 brweeks ago from being thrown up in!)br/em/p
pemAn hour later Caleb called crying, “Mom I just need you here, Brother is brcrying and I’m sick and you need to be here!” This was so horrible for brme. I can’t be there to comfort my boy. He’s sick, he’s never brexperienced grief over death from a close family member and I’m 21 hours braway.br/em/p
pemI was feeling so down and just really depressed. Lord, did I make a bad brchoice sending him?br/em/p
pemMy door was knocked on a moment later. A man was wanting to sell brmeat to me. I told him this was a very bad time and that we were in brmourning… hoping he would just go away and get the hint. He took a brstep back and turned around and asked me. “Ma’am, are you a believer?” /em/p
pemI said “In Christ? Yes sir I am.”/em/p
pemHe said to me…”I want to pray with you. I don’t want to sell you anything. I realized now I came to pray brwith you.” /em/p
pemOf course my heart dropped and my eyes flowed with brtears…I can’t blame it on hormones this time. This is just raw bremotion. He prayed with me and said he would pray for me all through brthe day today.br/em/p
pemSome days knowing you’re surrounded by angels, and knowing you’re in the brpresence of them is just too overwhelming to think about!br/em/p
pemGod is good!br/em/p
pemHad to share…’cause I know He’s real! And sometimes we all need a taste brof the REAL stuff Jesus can do./em/p
pemLinda H./em/p
pI love how God can drop people – and angels – into your life just when you need them. Have you ever had an experience like Linda’s, that showed you how He was watching over you and caring for you? We’d love to hear your story!/p
pRachel Anne/p