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Faith-filled Memphis!

Dec 11, 2011


Hello from Memphis! 

We are just finishing up a trip where we got to hear Priscilla AND JERRY teach!  WOWSERS!  It was action-packed!  Yesterday morning, I was scrolling through my twitter feed right before I took off for a morning with the boys when I stumbled across a tweet of pure wisdom by Priscilla’s dad, Dr. Tony Evans:  “God’s activity in your life is tied to the footsteps of your life.  Walk by faith.”  Hmm…so you mean His movement requires MY movement?  He wants us to take PART in His miraculous movement by stepping out on FAITH!


If you look through the New Testament, almost every time you see a person approaching Jesus (lookin for a miracle), it was an act of faith.  The blind beggar reached up, believing Jesus could give him the gift of sight.  The centurian soldier travelled from far, believing Jesus was the cure for his sick son.  The bleeding woman reached out, believing a touch from His cloak would heal her.  Even ol’ Peter, he had to start WALKING before he experienced God’s miraculous power to have him walk on water!   I look at these people and see:  They had a need.  They believed Jesus was the Solution.  They showed up.  And they started moving.  


So here I was meditating on all these things this morning, and I show up at church.  Lo and behold, Miss Priscilla was teaching out of Luke 5, where Simon Peter is called by Jesus.  I’ve always thought of Simon Peter as a fella who was a little squirrely.  That whole “denying Jesus before the cock crows three times” thing kinda gives off that impression of him.  But when Priscilla was talking today, she pointed out, he really was a guy who just kept showing up.  He had fished all night, caught nothing, so he went to clean his nets…so he could do it all again the next night.  He just kept showing up, and one day, The Messiah showed up and treated him to a little miracle.  


These days, I’m believing in Him for many promises yet-to-be-fulfilled…a husband, kids, a home, a future, etc.  Some of these things are probably in my hands, I have just yet to see them!  As I’m believing He will provide what He has promised, I’ve determined that I will show up, time and again.  And that I will keep moving.  I will show up and keep moving.  How that plays out in real-life, varies every day.  But I guess if Peter can do it, I might just be able to do it.  So I’m just showing up, one day at a time: handing Him my need, asking Him to show me the faith-filled, Jesus-faith-required steps I can do THAT day.  So.  How are YOU walking in faith today?  Tell me how we can pray with you…We love hearing how He is moving in you!


Much love from Memphis…have no fear, I’m keeping an eye out for Elvis in the middle of the chaos…