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Fashion Futility

Mar 22, 2011

After a long afternoon of trying to find something suitable to wear to an event coming up, I came home discouraged.

I tried, I truly truly tried to buy something with some spring-y colors. I looked for something ruffly and feminine…..and I came home with a bag full of white and black blah items. They’ll go perfectly with the blah items I already have in my closet. Oh. yay.

I found problems with everything, starting with the sleeveless, strappy tops that were everywhere. Unlike Michelle Obama, I do not have the right to bare arms – ha. So that eliminated 80% of the cute tops and left me in the Matronly Department, feeling hopeless.

Next came the pants issues. There is every length and width imaginable….but which length and width goes with what kind of top?

Now, Little Miss Stylin’ Linnae here at GB can wear any trendy thing and look superb. And ya’ll have seen Priscilla’s knockout wardrobe. Look, I’m not trying to compete, I’m just trying to represent….and it’s really, really hard. {soft, silent sobbing}

Well, next week, Avis LaFrance, the talented lady who keeps Priscilla looking good for her film shoots and events, is going to do a guest post and help us all out. Do you have any questions for her? I’m so excited!

Maybe she’ll help me figure out how to get some bright colors into my wardrobe. Hey, I can dream, right?