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Funny Stories, Spiritual Significance

Jan 10, 2010


I’ve been a pastor’s kid since I was one year old. My parents started the church, which I still attend, when I was just a tiny thing. And the vast majority of sermons that I’ve heard my father preach over the past 35 years have included some sort of illustration that had something to do with our family. My three siblings and I would sit on the cushioned pew in church, pinned to our seats with intrigue as we watched him spin a simple story from our lives into a spiritual application that edified the body of Christ. We weren’t embarrassed (most of the time). We just laughed right along with the audience at the pre-mature statement we’d uttered or the misguided action we’d taken; the simple family happening that didn’t seem like anything significant. Along with the rest of the congregation, we’d be amazed to see how God’s Spirit and His Word to us can be seen even in the simple, funny stories of every day living.

Now, I have my own children and if God gave them to me for no other reason then good material, I’m grateful! Rarely do I create a message that doesn’t in some way include a story right out of the pages of our lives. These three boys give me more material than I can stand.

Here’s one for ya.

For Christmas, my boys got deodorant in their Christmas stockings. (It was high time and this was a festive way to get ‘em going!) When I explained that it was to be applied every morning before school, Jerry Jr. slumped his shoulders forward and took in a huge breath of air.

“Every single day,” he sighed.

“Yes, son. Every single day.”

“The next morning, I caught him in the bathroom. He was slathering the stick of deodorant under his arms with passion. They weren’t two or three simple strokes – but  dozens of them, leaving a pool of white paste. When I saw him move from his underarms to his neck, I stopped him.

“JC, what are you doing?”

“Mom, I’m trying to put on enough to last me all week. I don’t want to do this everyday!”

I laughed hysterically and then tried to help my five year old learn the finer points of hygiene. As the day went on, I smiled every time I remembered the incident. Yet over time, it wasn’t as funny as it was convicting. You see, this is how I often treat my relationship with the Lord. I try to slather on enough of Him during my quiet time at the first of the week or during service on Sunday to last me all week. Sometimes, I inadvertently think that what I’ve gathered at his table on one day will be enough to keep me refreshed all week long. The Spirit gently reminded me that being a sweet smelling fragrance to the Lord requires a fresh application of His truth – not just on occasion, but every single day.

“Every single day?”

“Yes, my daughter. Every single day.”

I know your life is full of happenings that the Lord has used to speak into your life. Can’t wait to be encouraged by it today. Leave a comment!