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Guarding Against Snakes

Priscilla | Jun 01, 2010


Hey there friend,

Couldn’t help but write to you today. Something happened this past week that I just can’t seem to get off my mind.

I’ll be honest, it’s mostly because it has to do with a snake. Now, if you are a stranger to me, you might need to be made aware of my enormous aversion to snakes. I despise them. In fact, it’s not just an actual snake I despise, it’s the thought of one that is enough to drive me straight to me knees. So, it’s no surprise that, that’s exactly where I’ve been over the past two years that we’ve lived in our little rural neighborhood. Since we know they are on this property, I’ve just been praying that neither I nor one of my boys run into one. The very thought sends shivers down my spine.

Your’s too, huh?

So, we’ve been on guard on our little rustic plot of land. We’ve laid out some products designed to keep snakes at bay and we are sure to watch where we are walking and to stay out of tall brush where they could be hiding. We keep the grass cut low and don’t leave our garage door up for hours on end, either. (No need to give any critter easy access to the house.) Yes, we’ve done a pretty good job guarding ourselves.

That’s why, last week, when my husband Jerry sent me a picture of a large snake, I was floored.

You see, he found and (gratefully) killed this sucker when he ran into it at our office. You heard me right: our office. Not our home that is in the country, but our office that is right in the heart of the city. No dirt roads and gravel driveways there. Just a concrete jungle where wildlife isn’t even a part of the normal mental equation. While we were standing on guard in one place, the serpent showed up in a place we least expected, and really hadn’t even considered he might.

Hmmm . . . sounds like another weaselly snake I know. Seems like the enemy of our souls has a knack for finding the unguarded, vulnerable areas of our lives – the ones you hadn’t even contemplated that he’d mess with – as the prime spot to show up and take you off guard. While
we standing steady and watchfully, being certain to cut him off at one path, he’s already started his descent down another.

Lord, today keep us aware – not just in the places we expected him but more importantly . . . in the places we don’t.