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Guest Blogger: Christine Caine | No One Ever Drowned in Sweat

Christine Caine | Jan 09, 2014

There is nothing ordinary about my friend Christine Caine.

Except somehow there is.

It’s hard to explain actually. You have to meet her yourself to see the beautiful simplicity of her life as a loving wife to Nick and mother to Catherine and Sophia. She’s just a girl that loves to exercise, drink coffee, eat dark chocolate and lay out on the beach every chance she gets.

Yup, just normal.

Christine Caine Priscilla Shirer   

Except…the moment you meet her you realize there is something uniquely phenomenal about her. You might not be able to put your finger on it at first but then, as she begins to share, you’ll become more and more aware that you are in the presence of greatness. She is one of the most passionate, fearless, faithful women of God I have ever met. She speaks on platforms all over the globe sharing stirring messages that change lives and (in her spare time) she runs an anti-human trafficking organization that has offices in seven different countries. Together with her husband, A21 is seeing more traffickers put in jail and more victims rescued than our world has ever seen before.

So, she’s extra-ordinary and ordinary all at the same time. I’m inspired and challenged and motivated to love God more and serve Him more fervently when I’m in her presence. Everybody needs a friend like that. So, today, I invite you to get to know here right here on our blog. You’ll be so glad you did!




Christine Caine blog Going Beyond

So many Christians spend so much time wondering what they have been
called to do and waiting for God to drop their destiny out of the sky.
While we sit around waiting for something to do we are missing out on
doing what is right before us to do. In this scripture Jesus does not
say that there is a lack of Christians, a lack of need, a lack of
projects, a lack of opportunities, a lack of commentators, a lack of
wannnabe superstars. He tells us that there is simply a lack of

The harvest is plentiful right where you are. People are waiting for
us to go to them every single day wherever our world is. The challenge
is that most of us do not want to work. We do not want to be
co-labourers with God. We want to be heroes for God, celebrities for
God, party coordinators for God, commentators for God, critics for
God, experts for God but not labourers.

harvest field

You can be used for God’s great purpose in His harvest field today
wherever you are and whatever season of life you are in. To be used by
God as a labourer we need to be prepared to be anonymous. Sometimes
the only thing holding us back from destiny is our need to feel
important rather than actually being useful in the harvest field.
Wherever there are people there is a potential harvest. Somehow we
expect destiny to feel different than it does. We must remember our
work is not about us or for us. We have the privilege every day of
co-working with Christ in His harvest field. Let’s determine to turn up
to work today.

Reflection:  Do you consider your everyday life as an opportunity to co-labour with Christ?