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Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

Priscilla | Feb 23, 2010

This past weekend at the Going Beyond event, I had the honor of meeting so many women from all different walks of life. But all of our conversations didn’t center around the weekend’s event, several folks had some questions to ask that carried much more weight and depth . . .

They were about my hair!

They looked a little apologetic as they asked if I minded a question or comment about such matters.  You know me! Of course I didn’t. I’m a hair-talk kind of girl.

So, if you missed it. We’ve had several hair discussions so far and it seems that the dialogue needs to be continued every now and then. So I thought I’d tell you about my latest hair drama!

I went to get a trim the other day. I warned my husband that I’d be cutting it a bit. He just shrugged and gave me a semi-disapproving look. You see, he’s a “long hair” kind of guy. The last time I chopped my hair off (9 years ago) he took it quite hard and made me promise that I’d never do that again. He must be scarred from that experience because even a trim bothers him quite a bit.

When I walked into the house with two inches less hair then I’d had before my visit to the salon, he looked like a sad puppy who’d lost his best friend. I hugged him and consoled him . . . “Hair grows, honey. It’s ok. Really, it’s ok.”

For some reason, I don’t think he believes it.

So, I genuinely make decisions about my hair with my husband in mind. I gotta get a trim every now and then to keep it healthy, but I try not to scare him half to death and put a smile on his face as often as I can.

Your man interested in your hair?