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Happy Labor Day

Sep 04, 2011

Happy Labor Day Ya’ll! By the time you read this I will most likely already be moving furniture from my old house into my new one. My brother and I are leaving Waco, Texas around 6:30am to load furniture, drive it to Dallas, and transport all the remaining items in my old apartment to my new home with my three new roommates. 

I am beyond excited about this new house and the girls I will be living with. I can’t tell you what an answer to prayer this house is and the whole process has been. If you heard the story you would just about die over God’s provision and goodness. And my rommates…. oh how I love them so! They are all amazing and I look forward to this next year with them. 

Here’s a little sneak peek into my three best friends in Dallas and our new home…

(that’s Dara and Kristin moving stuff into our new house. trust me – that piece is a whole lot heavier than it looks)


(nasty and sweaty after making a few trips. that’s Dara on the far left and Kristin in the middle)

(Jenny wasn’t around while we were taking pictures moving, so I had to show her off cause she is just so stinkin’ cute… (on the right) )


So, while I’m moving and getting all nasty and sweaty, I hope that you all are having a WONDERFUL Labor Day. I’ll show you the house when we are all moved in and finished decorating. Right now it’s jsut a mess and nothing worth showing. 

We’ve got lots to talk about this week, so I hope that you will join us back here tomorrow.. same time, same place. 

Until then . . . .