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Hello from GORGEOUS Sydney, Australia

Jul 04, 2011

SOURCE: Robert Wallace, courtesy of Tourism Australia, the tourism promotion authority of the government of Australia

SOURCE: Robert Wallace, courtesy of Tourism Australia

I just love everything about this incredible city. It’s winter here. The air is crisp and the city is alive with all the wonderful sights and sounds of action and excitement. As always, the famed Opera House is a monument of beauty and the centerpiece of this great place that boast one of the most impactful ministries and leadership conferences in all the world.

That’s why I’m here this week – for Hillsong Church’s Leadership Conference. Church leaders from all over the globe have come to experience God’s presence and power, and be refreshed for their forth-coming year of ministry.

I’m honored and excited for this opportunity to minister to them. Will you pray for us?The flight to Sydney took about 16 hours. I admit to you that every single one of them was enjoyable. After last week’s hot, sweaty camp experience, I was thrilled to sit still and uninterrupted for those long moments. I soaked in every second of quietness. And as we flew across the globe, I grabbed my Bible and flipped to my appointed reading for the day (I’m reading the Bible through in a year). Deuteronomy 33 was a powerful passage that I enjoyed and yet it struck me with a specific, personalized power when I read these words in verse 27: 

The eternal God is a dwelling place and underneath are the everlasting arms.Here I was in . . . basically a tube. . .flying from one part of the world to the other, and God’s Word reminded me that His arms were underneath – sustaining it, carrying it, guiding it and, ultimately, safely delivering it to the land of Australia.I was grateful . . . .for Him and for this confidence He gave me through His Word.And today, I pass that on to you – His arms are everlasting and they are underneath you today. You might not be in a plane but wherever you are in the world, and whatever in the world you are doing, He is sustaining you, carrying you and guiding you safely through it all.

Be encouraged, my friend, and enjoy your day!Priscilla