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Here’s to the Moms…

Nov 10, 2009


Hey sister.

I’ve stopped trying to be the perfect mother. I’m exhausted. You too?

When Jerry and I started having our children 7 years ago, I had an image of what the role of motherhood would look like. It included nothing less than a peaceful home, filled with the wonderful scents of fresh baking bread and delicious, healthy meals. Beds would be made, laundry folded and my home would be a haven of rest.


And while some of these things happen on rare occasion, most of the time I look at my life, with all its moving parts, and just laugh out loud. . . or cry. Like the other day when I went into the kitchen to make breakfast. There was no milk. So I couldn’t make pancake batter, or hot cereal (or cold) for that matter. Then I realized there were no eggs or bread. URGHHH. . . (Who’s supposed to do the grocery shopping around here?! UH. . . . that would be me.) So, the kids ate raisins and nuts. (And if they knew what was good for them they’d better smile about it).

My sweet friend, Shundria, (who has three children of her own, including a rambunctious 2 year old) helps me to rest in my inadequacy. She sent me this yesterday.

Here’s to all the moms who:

only iron the front of your kids clothes because that’s what really matters.
put carrot sticks with chicken nuggets only to have something healthy on the plate…knowing they are not going to eat it
has forgotten the last time their child under 3 has had a bath
has gone to the shoe store only to realize that their child’s foot is 2 sizes larger
has given a not so new toy or book to another child because you completely forgot about the party
has put your child in timeout and forgotten about them
has thanked the Lord for McDonald’s
skips pages in books when reading to a toddler…they will never know
does allow your kids to watch more than 30min of TV.
goes to bed with a sink FULL of dishes
is always late
can make a meal out of the snacks in the car and has
is relieved when dad won’t be home for dinner…2 minutes and beep…Dinner!
has wiped their kids’ nose with their own shirts
has NOT taken a kid to the doc only to realize that they are actually sick
has cleaned only the family room and guest bathroom for an event and prayed no one asks for the other bathroom
dresses their kids out of the laundry baskets
when laundry is done…feels like she has a new wardrobe because it’s been so long
enjoys going to work or wishes she could go
has worn the same thing 2 days in a row because you won’t see the same people
has let your children do the same!
secretly wishes that their toddler still wore pampers because it’s so much easier
has yelled at your children to tell them to stop yelling
can’t remember the last time you took a picture of your youngest child
hasn’t yet included your youngest child in the family picture
called your kid from another room only to retrieve something that you could have gotten yourself
just so happen to remember on the way to a soccer game that you are the snack mom
didn’t remember that you were snack mom
has forgotten to brush your teeth and remembered as you sat in the pews on Sunday right before greet your neighbor
has also forgotten about deodorant
has cried in the shower
has cried with your crying baby
has thanked the Lord for kids going to school everyday
is a home school mom who wished her kids went to school
is a mom who wishes she could homeschool
doesn’t want to attend another conference/seminar on being an excellent wife
has allowed your child to sit on your lap as you go potty
has taken the long way home
has questioned your decision to have kids
has questioned your decision to be a wife

Ok. I’m laughing out loud! This is my life!

I’m dying to hear about your imperfect mom life. That way we can encourage each other.

Mom of the 3 J’s

PS . . . you’ve gotta follow @shundriap on twitter. Her posts on motherhood are great!