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Hijacked Style

Rachel | May 10, 2010


Priscilla might regret letting me write on her blog, but hey. I’ve got us girlfriends in mind when I dish on her cute outfits and happily discuss hair! So I couldn’t resist sharing this photo from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship’s “Gathering of the Girls” on Saturday, in which Priscilla showed up in one of the freshest, cutest ensembles I’ve seen her in.

We immediately HAD to know where she got the outfit.

“I saw this on Kari Jobe and I thought it was great!” she said. “I would have passed right by it if it was in a store window, but seeing it ON a real person made me like it immediately. Seeing it all put together made such a difference.”

Kari told her where she bought it….and voila! Priscilla snapped up the pieces and added her own shoes and jewelry to make it work. I believe Priscilla used the words “totally stole her style,” but I believe “shamelessly SHARED” sounds better. Possibly “hijacked” would work.

Anyway you put it, the Kari Jobe/Priscilla Shirer look is too cute.

I asked if she had any legging advice for the legging impaired.

“Wear long tops with them. I’m tall so I have to actually wear dresses…long tops are too short for me.”

So I’m off to look for leggings and really long tops this week – however I don’t hold out much hope that myhijacked version of the shared KJ/PS style will have the same stellar results.

‘Cause that’s just darling!