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Hillsong Conference, Day 1

Jul 05, 2011

This time zone thing has me all confused. I keep trying to figure out what time it is on the opposite side of the world – Australia, where the Hillsong Conference is taking place. Fortunately, I found a “World Clock” on my phone so I can now know when – and when NOT – to text Priscilla and demand to know what’s happening down there!

It’s tough to be stuck here in Texas when I see photos like this one of the opening service. Wow!


Priscilla and I exchanged brief texts last night (my time) just after she finished speaking in the morning session (Sydney time.) Her words for the event were “amazing, seriously,” and “unbelievable.” I can only imagine!

Big events like this one, with thousands of people in attendance from every corner of the globe, make me get excited for heaven. You too? Seeing the vast body of Christ, in all her colors and tribes and tongues gives me a little glimpse into eternity – which has already started here and now. From my home in Texas, I’m rejoicing with fellow believers who are 15 hours ahead of me in time zones, celebrating Jesus Christ and his beautiful bride – the church.