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How He Loves

Sep 13, 2012

Had a thought I’ve been sittin in for a few days…thought I’d share…

He is nuts about me.  Crazy, head-over-heels, nuts about me.  In fact, the biggest, best thing I can do today is bring Him my weakness…and watch Him meet me in that place.  He’s not confused about my weakness.  Um, He created me.  He knew I’d have questions and hurts.  He knew I’d deny Him, just like He knew Peter would deny Him.  In fact, Scripture is pretty clear that I can’t do it on my own. I am overwhelmingly in need of His grace to be strength in my weakness.  What He wants from me today, is just me.  All of me.  Relying on Him.  Coming back, again and again, to let Him love me, transform me and instill more of Him in me.

Because He delights in me, my value doesn’t lie in my ability to do things for Him.  Don’t get me wrong, I think He loves it when we love on Him by serving.  He loves it.  But my value is in who He says I am.  And He has called me His own.  Serving in His Kingdom is just the loose change of the equation.  The crux of the matter is:  He calls me His own.  The serving part is the result of that.

Hope your weekend is better than ever…the best is yet to come my friend!!