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I Am Resolved!

Oct 17, 2011

I hope that your week is going well, fellow “book clubber”! Are
you enjoying and/or being challenged by this week’s resolution? I am completely
aware that one (being challenged) might be cancelling out the other (enjoying
the book) 🙂  And yet, somehow I hope both are miraculously occurring!


As I’ve been reading and re-reading the chapters, it’s dawned on me that
I have some work to do with my “boxes” (see page 82). There’s a
constant recalibration that needs to occur in order to appropriately adjust to
the changes that come in each season of our lives. As we change, our children
grow older and (if we are married) our marriages mature, we have to adjust to
the new nuances of life. So, in the 10 months that have passed since I first
began to write that section, my “boxes” are already begging for a

I’d love to hear your thoughts and sentiments
about this line in the chapter entitled “Boxes”:


“Balance is not when
the boxes are equally filled but when we are free to fill only those that are
important for now, without feeling guilt over the ones that we’ve left for
another time and place. This is balance.” 


I’m curious to know how this statement hits
you and the season of life in which it meets you right now. Do you have too
many boxes, too filled with the time, energy and effort that should be reserved
for more seminal priorities right now? Do you tend to feel guilt when you allow
some things to go unattended for a while in order to focus on those? 


Anxious to hear from you.


On another note, I’ve had so much fun meeting so many of you around the
country. Last week I introduced you to one of our Canadian sisters. This week,
meet Laura Rasnic from Toledo, Texas. I spotted her in a conference audience
boldy wearing her “I AM RESOLVED” T-Shirt. She looked lovely and had
a gorgeous personality to match.


Thanks for being a part of our book club Laura! It was a privilege to
meet you!


Bless you all today,


P.S. THIS THURSDAY at 7:30pm CST (October 20) we will have our next live broadcast with a special guest! See you then!