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A “Jonah Tee”

Nov 29, 2010

How was your long weekend?

I hope that it was as amazing as mine. I’ve eaten alot more than I should have over the past several days, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

I’ve also relished every moment with my family – cuddled up by fireplaces while sipping hot foamy drinks. It’s been fun to play rounds of Uno with my sons and take them to see the new Disney movies out for the holidays.

On Saturday, Jerry and I scooted off to Chicago for one night. I was invited to speak at the church of our dear friends, James and Jamell Meeks. Salem Baptist Church is a wonderful body of believers that is doing amazing things for the Lord in the community and the world. Yesterday, marked their first service in their new 10,000 seat sanctuary that was focused specifically on celebrating women. I was honored to be invited to speak.

Afterward, they hosted a private reception, where I got to meet a couple hundred women that had just finished participating in the Jonah 6 week Bible study. It was an honor to see the faces of women who are on the other side of our ministry. What an encouragement for us.

When I walked into the reception room, I noticed that there was something similar about most everyone. A close look revealed that they were all wearing the same T-shirt. Turns out, an artist in their church specifically designed the shirts for the women in the Jonah Bible study group. Take a look at the artist and the shirt:

Jonah Tshirt!

If you look close, you can see the tail of the fish leading into a circular design that symbolizes the turmoil that Jonah would have experienced physically and spiritually while in it’s belly. Put both images together and they make a word – “GO!” Indeed, this is the theme of Jonah’s book and the Bible study that I hope was an encouragement to these women.


What a treat it was to meet them and to see the creativity God has given so many gifted people in His church. Just thought I’d share that with you today cause I thought it was pretty neat!


Have a wonderful day. As always, it’s good to chat with you. Praying that you have a fabulous day!Priscilla