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May 11, 2011

A couple days ago, I enjoyed Rachel’s post “An Inheritance Worth Keeping”. It was very timely for me. Coming off of a wonderful Mother’s day weekend, that I’d celebrated with my three little ones, I was contemplating the very issue of “keeping” things.

How in the world do we “keep” all the things that are dear to us but can so easily overrun and clutter our lives?

You see, I’ve got these great little, crooked handmade cards that my three boys crafted at school this week. One is actually a paper pouch filled with paper flowers that he cut out, colored and grouped together into my own little personalized “paper” bouquet. It is indeed quite lovely (and alot less maintenance than real flowers I might add).

Now, the question is. . .what to do with them? I want to save every little tiny Mother’s day treat my boys come up with through their growing up years. I have no intention of throwing these things away, but figuring out an appropriate way to store them. . .for the next 25 years. . . is a notion that my usually disorganized brain just cannot fathom.I do a fairly good job of  treasuring memories – I’ve got a journal for each one of the boys that I write in periodically, recording my prayers for them, a special moment we had or some other highlight in their lives. I intend to give them these “notes” when they are adults and will hopefully appreciate hearing what their dad and mom where thinking while they were growing up. I also pare down their keepsakes from each school year to fit into a 8 1/2×11 manila envelope and store it in a box where all of their school memories will be held. I even have a “baby” box for each son – housing all of their “firsts” – the hospital issued hat, blanket and plastic wrist band. There are some of their first pictures and the cards given to them from family members on their first birthdays. And of course, their first outfits, booties, socks and lock of hair from their first cut. I even actually have the store bought pregnancy test that first told me they were coming. (Is that too much information?)Yup, I love keeping things that are special. And all of these mother’s day gifts are, indeed, special.Now, I just need you to tell me the best way to “keep” them for the rest of my life.HELP!Priscilla