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Leaving for Australia

Rachel Anne | Mar 08, 2010

Priscilla called me from the airport, shortly before her flight took off for Australia.

“I’m already mising my boys,” she said, “and I haven’t even left!”

She knows they will have a grand ol’ time at their Granny’s house, but still. A Mama’s heart can’t help but worry about homework and what they need at bedtime and whether they will remember to wash behind their ears and fevers and runny noses and if they packed enough underwear. They think about after school snacks and snuggling on the couch and bedtime prayers.

“Did they cry when you left them?” I asked.

“Oh, no, they just ran on in and started playing a game . . . they didn’t seem too concerned about us leaving them.” Somehow that doesn’t really help a Mama from feeling a little sad.

Our conversation turned to what the next few days will hold. It will be a long trip to Sydney, and then she and Jerry will hit the ground running at the Colour Conferences at Hillsong.

Hillsong, people!

THE Hillsong!

Linnae and I tried to convince Jerry that they need, yea, even depend on us so much that we should be included in the trip, but it was to no avail. We could not be squeezed into the baggage.

However, I think next year I’ll have my passport ready just in case I get the nod. Hillsong, here I come.

Please pray for safe travels and  NO JET LAG! Priscilla will have two conferences to speak at and will need to be covered in prayer. I thank you, sisters, for lifting her and Jerry . . . and the whole
Colours Conference to the Lord!

I can’t wait to hear what happens down under!