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Meet Annetta!

Nov 02, 2011

Howdy Y’all!

Annetta Box here. I am the newest addition to the Going Beyond team and black and blue from pinching myself … “No, you’re not dreaming Annetta!” You should hear Jerry trying to keep our names straight in the office. I am often referred to as Linnae or Antrenette. But I think he’s succumbed to calling the ENTIRE OFFICE “Lantranetta” most recently.

I was born 3 days before my parents both graduated from Seminary in Fort Worth, TX and we promptly moved to NW Indiana (3 miles south of Chicago.. Whoot!) for my Dad to pastor a church. 14 years later we moved back to the land of milk and honey (TX!), where my Dad pastors a church to this day. However, I’m a bit of a gypsy when it comes to moving. Most recently (6 weeks ago!) I lived in Australia and attended Hillsong International Leadership College. Interning with their Creative Production team, I heard about the Shirer’s with a rather reverent awe for some time before I met them. I quickly discovered they are just as amazing as everyone makes them out to be!

A few quick things about me: While my name is “a box” I definitely think OUTSIDE the box. I LOVE LOVE BLACK coffee. I could eat my weight in raw vegetables and be perfectly happy. I LOVE to cook . . . and mostly cook unhealthy stuff. I play the guitar and sing and write on a daily basis. I have a Master of Arts in Theology with my thesis based on music. Oh, and I love to hydrate.. or at least that’s what Linnae thinks. I thought this bottle of water was a perfectly normal size:

I have to “create” on a daily basis . . . whether that’s food or music or invitations for the next GB event, I love to take ideas from my head and put them to work! THIS IS MY DREAM JOB and I still can’t believe His path lead me here. All to say, I’m looking forward to meeting y’all at events and on the phone. I’d love to hear a little of your journey as I continue on mine. Much love and see ya SOON!