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Meet Christine Caine

Priscilla | Mar 15, 2010


I hope you are having a fabulous day. I sure am. In fact, it’s occurred to me that every time I’m with a certain person it is a good day!

I want you to meet Christine Caine. She is a follower of Jesus who happens to be an Aussie wife and mom. She is one of the most passionate and energetic people I’ve ever met. She teaches God’s Word all over the globe and when I say “all over” that is exactly what I mean. In the course of one month, she may very literally be in four or five different countries to share the gospel. All the while she is a fabulous wife and mother, as she is careful to love her family while giving her kids a world wide education. She’s always got a mile-wide smile on her face, and loves seeing Christians from all over the globe come together for His purposes. Anyone who has the kind of energy that can balance a life like hers is bound to brighten up everyone’s day!

Jerry and I are so grateful for this sister in the Lord. In fact, she is the reason we are connected with the wonderful work of Hillsong. It was our meeting five years ago and her insistence that I be introduced to her world, that brought us into relationship with the incredible work that is happening half-way across the world.

So today, we salute Christine Caine! If this is your first introduction to my blog then by all means take time to read the posts below. I know that those who’ve been blessed by Chris will help me out by leaving comments about how her ministry has been a blessing to them. Then you can find out more here  and follow her on twitter.

Bless you today . . . or as Chris would say, “G’day mate”!